The end of the story?  Honda and Acura stopped production of the NSX [Type S] – Hello

The end of the story? Honda and Acura stopped production of the NSX [Type S] – Hello

With a special limited series, the Type S, the Japanese giant brings the current Honda NSX work, beautiful and sporty up close. Since its birth, it has been a legendary car, not very popular in Italy

August 3, 2021

AND‘ a very popular sports car, a name known for decades: Honda NSX. The current generation, the hybrid, is about to finish its work with a special last, limited series: Type S.

Only 350 illustrations before work closes in December 2022. In the United States, the Type S will carry the Acura brand. Also being phased out are 30 NSX 2022s that will remain in Japan. We will see a few of them in Italy.

And still even after 5 years the car is beautiful, modern. A good biturbo V6 and three electric motors are not bad technically. This NSX anticipated many hybrid super sports cars. Unfortunately the market has never given it a big chance here and by 2022 production will cease globally.

StAccording to rumors, there are already talks of an all-electric successor…? Hard to believe, Honda’s all-electric sports, only to mark track performance. Not at all unlikely, considering the years that separate the current NSX from such iconic names as Ferrari itself. It came later to put electricity in the big car.

But we like to remember the old one, from the NSX. Some of them can also be seen in Italy, sold or transferred at a very high price. At that time event he drove Senna to Suzuka: as if to say, TOO MUCH in the oil for the incredible leg of the 3-time F1 World Champion.

A special yellow paint scheme for the 2020 NSX