The electric scooter designed by Porsche is elegant (and powerful)

The electric scooter designed by Porsche is elegant (and powerful)

Electric sports scooter. This is the F200 concept, announced by the Chinese brand Yadea, which had a partnership with Porsche for the design of the motorcycle. This electric motorcycle is the bet of the brand to “attack” the European market.

For those in a hurry:

  • The Chinese brand Yadea announced the F200 electric sports motorcycle, with a powerful engine (for the unit) and a Porsche design;
  • The manufacturer said that the F200 will be the most powerful model in its category;
  • Electric scooter motors have a secret that doubles their “official” power;
  • The F200 is Yadea’s bet to “attack” the European market, but the price and availability of the electric scooter is still a mystery.

Although the motorcycle has not yet been officially launched, while its price and availability are yet to be discovered, but its technical details are promising.

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new electric scooter

(Photo: Disclosure / Yadea)

According to Yadea, the F200 will be the most powerful model in the L3e category – that is, electric scooters with performance equal to 125-horsepower equivalent to gasoline.

Its performance is limited in terms of regulations. But this is where electric motors hide a little secret. Despite being rated at a peak power of just 11 kilowatts (14.7 horsepower), the F200 delivers that power throughout the rev range.

In comparison, oil-powered machines do this only once in the entire calibration range. The result: the electric scooter appears to have more than twice the power specified in the specifications.

In addition, Yadea has an astronomical torque value for the F200: 236 Nm. And again, in the entire rev range of the electric car.

elegant and powerful

(Photo: Disclosure / Yadea)

What does that mean in the real world? Well, you get a great scooter that can shoot from a dead stop to about 50 kmph in just 2.5 seconds. That is, it can hit about 100 km / h in five seconds.

Its engine develops a speed of 100 kilometers per hour, again, possibly according to licensing regulations. The electric scooter uses power from a double battery pack placed under the transparency, which guarantees a distance of 130 kilometers on a single charge.

Another interesting fact: Yadea collaborated with Porsche’s design center to create an electric scooter model. No wonder she looks so beautiful and coordinated.

According to Yadea, the F200 was “inspired by the sculptural and elegant forms of sports cars”. While the concept of a sports scooter may be hard to grasp, let’s face it, the F200 comes pretty close.

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