The electric car company from Vietnam is sending its first 999 cars to the United States

The electric car company from Vietnam is sending its first 999 cars to the United States

(Credit: VinFast)

Vietnam is preparing to launch its first vehicles in the United States in the coming weeks, sending nearly 1,000 electric cars of the VinFast company.

A merchant ship from Panama called the Sliver Queen is responsible for the transfer to the California port. Its arrival is expected in mid-December.

“This event is an important event in the history of Vietnam’s automobile industry as electric vehicles branded by Vietnamese companies have officially entered the global market,” he says VinFast. “The large shipment confirms the country’s passion for improving automotive production for many generations and helps to improve the country’s position on the world stage.”

VinFast’s electric SUVs, the VF8, at the port. (Credit: VinFast)

Buyers will receive their vehicles at the end of December. The first group includes 999 models of the VF8, while the company also produces the VF9, whose exports will begin in 2023. In particular, the company plans to export 65,000 VF8 and VF9 vehicles to the United States, Canada and Europe.

VinFast seeks to differentiate itself from the more established car manufacturing companies through a unique payment model that allows a small down payment on its vehicles, accompanied by “differentiation”battery chargeยป. The VF8 costs $42,200, plus $169 a month for the battery. The VF9 costs $57,500 with a $219 per month battery subscription.

VinFast VF8 (Credit: VinFast)

This approach can reduce the concerns of buyers about battery life and maintenance. With the subscription, “VinFast takes responsibility for repair, maintenance and battery replacement costs to provide a worry-free experience for buyers,” according to the company’s website.

The VF8 has a range of 292 miles and the VF9 will go up to 369 miles. This performance is close to that of other electric SUVs on the market such as the Volkswagen ID.4 (275 miles, starting price of $37,500) and Tesla Model Y (330 miles or 533 kilometers on the Long Range model, starting at $65,000). Both of these vehicles have an eight-year warranty on the battery, with this warranty model extending into the electric space. VinFast offers the first subscription model we’ve seen.

Also, VinFast he announced recently sold 2,500 cars to a short-term electric car rental company, Independence. These come with the 999 vehicles the company is sending to California.

VinFast VF9VinFast VF9 (Credit: VinFast)

In 2024, VinFast plans to open a factory in North Carolina, which according to the company “it’s the first auto plant and the largest economic development project in the state’s history to date.” American manufacturing will also allow potential buyers to qualify for a $7,500 tax credit for electric vehicles, as one of Criteria it is also produced within the United States.

“Partnering with VinFast in North Carolina to create good, clean energy jobs in the state took an important step ahead of the budget signing,” says Governor Roy Cooper. “Electric vehicles, like the ones VinFast will produce in Chatham County, are an important part of our strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare North Carolina for a clean energy economy.”

VinFast is currently accepting US reservations for the VF8 and VF9 with a $200 deposit. The company is open six new stores in California, where enthusiasts can see the cars up close. In 2024, VinFast will make two new varieties available in the United States, the VF6 and VF7.