The driver tries to fill the Tesla with gasoline

The driver tries to fill the Tesla with gasoline

Autorama Podcast still remembers the Mini Cooper and explains more about the new versions of the Suzuki Jimny

Sorry for using the title of the 1963 film directed by Stanley Kramer to try to summarize, in a way, a bit of the film. Autorama Podcast Starting this week. The show presents two cases that show that something is out of order in the world.

One begins with fiction, in the new feature film Asterix and Obelix, where two Gallic characters ride a Citroën! On the other hand, a young driver is trying to get gas for… Tesla!

Relax, it’s not the Apocalypse – yet. Both have explanations, just press play and listen on the app and you will understand.

Enjoy the episode too Back view and André Deliberatowhere the journalist brings back memories of the Mini as it was very small, the 1950s and 1960s.

I’m also talking about the Jimny Sierra, the only car currently sold by Suzuki in Brazil. For this very reason, the brand will only be able to have news here with this jeep, which has just received two new versions with very different proposals.

Want more details? Just click on the player and enjoy Autorama Podcast!

Fernando Miragaya is an expert automotive journalist, editor of content solutions for the Automotive Business and presents Autorama Podcast since 2018.

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