The customer must wait for the new discount rules for zero vehicles before closing the deal


The publication should occur within 15 days. The expectation is that Banco do Brasil and Caixa will strengthen the stimulus package for the sector with more suitable credit lines.

The user must wait for the rules to buy cars – Freepik

Customers intending to buy brand new cars with a price of up to R$ 120,000 must wait for the publication of federal government rules that provide discounts between 1.5% and 10.96%, through federal tax exemptions such as IPI, PIS/Cofins.

This will allow you to know exactly which discounter to use for the final price of cars that qualify for the deal.

The assessment is carried out by experts consulted by Globo. They add that this applies to those who buy with cash or intend to finance. The Ministry of Finance requested at least 15 days to learn how this discount will be given and for how long.

“It’s worth waiting a little longer. Only when the rules are made official will it be possible to know what the price of each car that will fit these standards will be. At the moment, we know that the discount can reach 10.96%, which is a good percentage – says Miguel Ribeiro de Oliveira, consultant and director of research at the National Association of Financial Executives (Anefac).

The financial expert says waiting is equally valuable for those looking to buy cars with cash or through financing. This is because the expectation is that, to complete the stimulus package for the automotive industry, public banks such as Caixa and Banco do Brasil will be able to create credit lines with low interest rates and long financing terms.

– Car financing methods are important for banks because they keep the customer loyal for a long time and the car itself is a guarantee against payment. That is, these lines offer less risk. And if BB and Caixa start having better loan terms for those cars, private banks will also have to offer – says Oliveira.

Wanted, Banco do Brasil and Caixa have not (yet) responded if there are already studies to create new financing channels aimed at popular cars.

Renan Suehasu, a financial planner and partner at A7 Capital, says that for those who want to finance, as well as waiting for easy credit lines from public banks, if the Monetary Policy Committee (Copom) indicates a reduction in the Selic rate, the means of loans are more available, thus making financing more attractive.

As announced by the vice president and minister of Development, Industry, Trade and Services (MDIC), Geral Alckmin, the discount will be greater as the final price of the car is currently reduced, as the engine pollutes and the production process decreases. , and the largest structure of the production chain (auto parts and equipment) is Brazilian.

Cars that rank higher on these criteria and have higher discounts will be more attractive.

Lucas Laghi, an analyst at XP, sees that in order to know which models will be covered, it will be necessary to wait for a method that will allow the classification of car prices.

Preliminary research by XP shows that more than 30 models will be able to receive the discount, such as Fiat Mobi, Renault Kwid, Peugeot 208, Citroen C3, Fiat Argo, Renault Stepway, Volkswagen Polo Track and Hyundai HB20, among them. But the list can be long, depending on the criteria that will be established.

The president of the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers (Anfavea), Márcio de Lima Leite, said on Thursday, during the Fiesp event, that work is underway so that the discount reaches consumers at a “low price level”. This can be offered for direct sales to consumers (with legal changes) or through dealers.

Currently, customers who have a CNPJ (including MEI, small and medium-sized businesses and large companies), rural producers, taxi drivers, driving schools, school transport, ship operators, rental companies and individuals Some of the disabled can buy directly from the factory.

Before selling
Leite said that ‘pre-selling’ is being investigated. That is, users can start selecting their favorite models for delivery as soon as the rules are published. When that happens, the user, if satisfied, keeps it or not.

He said that there has been a decrease in demand in recent days, but the announcement of the rules should bring consumers back into business. But analysts say, with market expectations for the new rules to become official, sales could be further constrained in late May and early June.

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Sales of 151,000 vehicles in April show a sharp decline of 19% compared to the previous month, according to data from the National Federation of Automobile Distributors (Fenabrave), an entity representing dealers. Anfavea data showed a decline of 18% in April.

In a note, Fenabrave revealed that “you cannot make estimates and estimates of volumes and percentages, without first knowing the order that will be published in fifteen days and its effective use by the auto manufacturers”.