The Citroen 2CV is an attraction on the island of Kos.  The story of the car that grows into a tree |

The Citroen 2CV is an attraction on the island of Kos. The story of the car that grows into a tree |

The island of Kos is a popular tourist destination. In addition to ancient monuments, beautiful views and beautiful beaches, one of the attractions is a Citroën 2CV with a tree growing in the middle of the car. The car, which has an interesting history, has been parked near the AB supermarket near Zipari for many years. The 2CV photos were sent to us by Dawid Bębenek, many thanks for them.

The story of the car came to light when the manager of a supermarket decided to cut down a tree that was so big that it was blocking the view. The worker involved in this work experienced an unusual vision at the site. The tree that needed to be cut was growing… through the middle of the car. Citroen 2CV, damaged by the passage of time, and its plant partner almost form a whole. When the supermarket manager found out about the car, he ordered the tree to be cut down and the duck released. A long-time supermarket security employee came to the rescue of this particular monument, who told the story of the 2CV and asked Citroen to let it go.

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Citroen 2CV, a tree and a love story

The owner of the Citroen 2CV brought a girl named Agnes, who worked in the store as a cashier, to the supermarket every day. Colleagues from work even started a joke when they saw a red duck and shouted: “Your boyfriend came in his Ferrari!” One day, Agnes, who was in love with her boyfriend and Citroen, was waiting for her lover after work, but the 2CV did not appear for a long time, so the girl decided to go home by public transport. When he saw the bus, he went out quickly, but he did not see the car coming at a high speed. The accident ended with the death of Agnes.

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After a terrible accident, the boy came to the mall twice a day: before the day shift and before closing time and waited for his beloved. When the staff told him about the terrible accident, he did not believe that anything could have happened to the girl and kept coming back with the same question: “Where is Agnes?” A Citroen 2CV repeatedly blocked the main entrance to the store, so the security guard asked the owner to move the car. The boy agreed, but he did not give up, he was still waiting for his beloved.

An abandoned car

Instead of coming every day, the boy finally decided to live in Citroen. After a month, the store manager at the time got fed up with the car in the parking lot and removed the duck. The tow truck arrived in 2CV. The young man protested and shouted with all his might, so the car moved forward just a little. The owner of the Citroen tied the duck to the flower bed for fear of another attempt to take the car.

The next day he did not return, but the Citroën 2CV remained and is still near the supermarket. Over the years, a large tree has grown in the middle of the car.

Photo: Dawid Bębenek

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