The Chinese… found a Volkswagen car and revealed the identity. 7 ahead of time (photo)

The Chinese… found a Volkswagen car and revealed the identity. 7 ahead of time (photo)

THE Volkswagen he began to reveal step by step ID. 7 and the beginning of the year, in CES exhibition in Las Vegas. There, launched a hidden modelbut we the next day we submitted to you in spy photos, with minimal camouflage.

The Germans aim to deal with it Tesla model 3while the model will be its electrified successor Pass, which is about to be renewed but only in the body of the station wagon.

The VW electric sedan will be officially presented on Monday, April 17 and will be shown, fully revealing, for the first time at Shanghai auto show (April 18-27), however it has already “leaked” through him Copyright and Copyright Office of China.

The prints are quite detailed, and show front and side of the carin the 3/4 picture, but also the back part. It seems that ID. 7 leaked from China has taken several stylistic influences from the concept ID.Aero, ID. Vizzion and ID.Space Vizzion.

The most interesting is the text “Vision” back, next to “ID.7″. Without doubt, it is not certain that this name will follow the trend in its markets Europe and he North America.

THE Volkswagen seems to have given enough importance aerodynamic performance. In front of him ID. 7 are installed T-shaped patternswhich remind him a little Polestar 2. Above the grille are the lamp bodies, connected by a thin bar of LED light.

At the rear, the design seems to retain several elements of the aforementioned concept car. A a combination of black and chrome makes the rear lights look more stylish. On the other hand, the door handles they are digestedas already provided, if a person is judged from hidden prototypes who acted spy photos have been released.

But the pictures show it clearly ID.7 or ID.7 Vizzionhe also released a series of photos featuring them different color shade options which buyers will have, plus the rim that will be found.

According to himself Volkswagenmodel freedom will touch 700 kmwith the choice of two electric motors, making it a worthy competitor Tesla model 3 and Hyundai Ioniq 6.

The Chinese model will bring one battery with an energy capacity of 77 kWh and it will take effect 204 PS. The maximum speed will be reduced 155 km / hand although the above three numbers have not been confirmed by the company, they do not seem out of the ordinary, and will probably be correct, at least for basic version of.