“The cases are increasing, the cold makes it more severe. 10 million have already been spent but it is not enough” – Turin Today

“The cases are increasing, the cold makes it more severe. 10 million have already been spent but it is not enough” – Turin Today

There are 977 thousand wild pigs slaughtered in Piedmont to combat the spread of ASF, or African swine fever. And the Piedmontese region is the region where the action of depopulation has produced the highest number, with the slaughter of 977 thousand heads, followed by Lombardy (745), Liguria (450) and Lazio (285).

These are data based on equity, after one year of activity, presented by Angelo Ferraridirector of the zooprophylactic institute of Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta, appointed by the extraordinary national emergency commissioner of swine fever.

The surveillance of the disease situation – completed in the last few days of the year – shows 267 confirmed cases in Italy, excluding the islands. Most (139) in Piedmont, followed by Liguria (78 cases) and Lazio (49). But the emergency is not over, because as Commissioner Ferrari says: “We must not drop our guard, also because the cases have increased in cold. I don’t want to sound like a scary person but it is important to control the situation and intervene at the first signs of infection.“.

Because of its disease behavior, but also due to its virulence, can we say that the African plague is the swine Covid?

Yes, the comparison is possible, but with one big difference: in the case of swine flu, there is no vaccine.“.

How can the disease be prevented and prevented?

We have taken various measures that seem to be effective but it is also important to implement and maintain simple practices that are necessary to not increase the infection, instead of breaking the chain. Immune barriers, depopulation, research and analysis of carcasses are used to get an idea of ​​infection and contain it, but biological security must go hand in hand with all of this. I am referring to behavior, to good actions to be taken in order toand the plague does not spread further. Because if it is true that this viral disease is not transmitted to humans, the latter can be a good infectious vector.“.

What are these? exercise?

“For example, talking about pig training, transporting livestock using disinfectants, changing clothes when leaving or entering the farm and surrounding the fence at the stations, not feeding wild pigs and giving information to every carcass found, to protect the production of pigs. in Italy it is also important from an economic point of view: for the infected area, the damage has been estimated at 20 million euros per month since the pig disease was confirmed, which can increase to 60 if the plague affects large factories. be non-quantifiable in the event that PDO production is discontinued“.

Did the restraints work?

“They isolated the most infected areas, preventing the circulation of the virus. At the moment we are at a good stage, although there may be a need to create more“.

Regarding the container barriers, 105 km were built between Piedmont and Liguria out of the 170 expected and lots in the pipeline. Just under 7 million euros were spent on contract lots.

What? will you get another scholarship for next year?

Through the law of April 29, 2022, they are already availableà ten million euros, to set restrictions and carry out searches. In August, we requested a financial increase of six million and 700 thousand euros. Regional measures have been important in the fight against swine flu, for which talks have been frequent. For example, Lombardy has made one and a half million available, Emilia Romagna two million“.

What more can be done?

The drawn line gives good results, to further improve it is necessary to strengthen monitoring, speed up the process of reducing the population, kill more wild boars, estimated in Italy to be more than two and a half million. This is also what the farmers, hunters, representatives of the Regions and of the Ministry are asking, which I have met several times during this period, to collect everyone’s requests. Only by acting in a targeted, timely and effective manner can we create a scorched earth around the area where cases of swine flu have occurred and eradicate it.“.