The car that was off the road overturned… Firefighters rescued the driver who was stuck

The car that was off the road overturned… Firefighters rescued the driver who was stuck

The car that was off the road overturned… The fire brigade rescued the stranded driver

SAKARYA – A road attack collided with a car at Adapazarı intersection, Sakarya district. Citizens who saw the accident in the middle of the city alerted the injured who were stuck in the car. The injured were rescued by firefighters who arrived at the scene.

The accident happened around 11.45 in the morning in Sedat Kirtetepe street in Adapazarı district, in an area known as DSI intersection. According to the information obtained, a Land Rover off-road car with number 54 EM 535 under the management of KK and an Opel brand car with number 54 AHF 530 under the management of HK collided at the intersection. The car that was off the road, which was thrown by the impact of the collision, rolled over. The driver was trapped inside the reversing car. Neighbors who saw the accident rushed to help. After being informed of the situation, fire, health and police forces were sent to the region.

Citizens and teams organized themselves to rescue the stranded driver. Due to the work done by the firemen who arrived at the scene, the injured driver was rescued from the place where he was stuck. After the accident, the traffic stopped at the intersection, which is one of the important places of the city. After the cars were towed, police teams opened the traffic and made sure the car could pass again. While it was known that the condition of the injured was good, an investigation began in relation to the accident.

“When we saw the accident, we ran immediately”

Narrating the accident, a citizen named Nejat Babacan said, “When it hit a white car, the jeep was thrown, it went up on two wheels, it hit the asphalt on the side of the road, it overturned, we ran away. At that moment we talked for 10-15 minutes, he was able to move his legs and he was able to speak, there was no he said the problem was that the part of the leg was tight at that time the firemen who arrived at the area took the driver out. His condition is good,” he said.