The buttock has turned purple, the strange case of Juju Ferrari after many surgeries

The buttock has turned purple, the strange case of Juju Ferrari after many surgeries

The influencer goes back after the operation that destroyed his life: “I have always believed that a woman’s power of seduction is in her heart, I thought I had little and I was not energetic enough. I was wrong”.

There are girls in the world of entertainment and social media who spend good money on touch ups. Breasts, buttocks, lips: anything that can be inserted, is inflated. Often, almost always, to a great extent. A unique case of Juju Ferrari – a complete stranger of the day, but with four million followers and a blue tick on Instagram – we can see it as a kind of routine opposite, backward movement. After spending more than 100,000 euros trying to ‘finish’ Side B, he had to use a photo editing software to make it look poor and, above all, to hide the damage caused by the operations: “My butt turned purple.”

Confessions of Juju Ferrari

Juju Ferrari underwent three surgeries to increase the size of her butt. All three interventions were made in Brazil, where they have had a lot of knowledge on the subject (the more careful will remember the phantasmagoric versions of. Miss BumBum, those were different times). After spending more than 100,000 euros, the influencer was criticized by his followers who caught him using photo editing tools. However, he reiterates: “It was not increasing, but decreasing.” The application of various silicones, hyaluronic acid, hydrogel and all materials suitable for the purpose, in the end, ended up turning against the model who admitted: “It was a big mistake”.

I haven’t had any kind of infection, but I have had a problem with the way my butt looks now. I have lumps and bumps on my buttock that are purple. I also have constant pain. Today I am being followed by a specialist who is helping the muscles and weight of my bum. I’ve always believed that a woman’s power of seduction is in the womb, I thought I had little, but I wasn’t attractive enough. I was wrong.

Who is Juju Ferrari?

More than four million followers on Instagram, Juju Ferrari is a Brazilian socialite who shares everyday situations day after day. Among these, there was also a bad story of a cosmetic overhaul gone wrong. “I hope that talking about this topic helps people who believe they have some problem with their body”he admitted again.

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