The Bugatti building in Dubai is impressive!

The Bugatti building in Dubai is impressive!

We know it for its long history in the automotive industry. Now, Bugatti brings its luxury and character to the architecture as well.

For Bugatti, There is no limit to the cost of production and the cost of purchasing its models. Accordingly, in Dubai there is no question about the money one can set aside.

Also, in the UAE there seems to be no limit to what they can do to differentiate themselves and what they can invest.

So, its executives Binghatti Holding Limited, of one of the most well-known real estate companies, decided to work with him Bugatti to jointly design a luxury skyscraper that will house the most luxurious residences.

The partnership announcement was made by Mate Rimach, Bugatti CEO and Muhammad Benhati, CEO of Binghatti.

The plan includes the construction of “Bugatti Residence”, of the skyscraper that will include 171 luxury residences and 11 penthouses.

The building will be distinguished by its facade design and its elaborately designed interior. According to known information, tenants will be given unparalleled luxury services, like the beach headed to the French Riviera, private pool with spa and jacuzzi.

There will also be a gym, personal valet service, a club for its members only, as well as two elevators to transport cars from the garage to the penthouses.

Also, premium services will be available such as transporting the tenants to their destination with a professional driver, as well as a concierge.

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