The British King’s first electric car is up for auction, with a unique paint job in the world

The British King’s first electric car is up for auction, with a unique paint job in the world

20/02/2024 15:40

Updated on 02/20/2024 15:40

Sometimes car auctions are a great opportunity to find a special model at a good price (or just find one). And in this event, a very special and very special car will go up for auction. real. The first electric in the history of Jaguar and the first electric also for the British royal family.

We are talking about a Jaguar I-Pace EV400 HSE, the first fully electric model from a British company and the first electric car used by the British royal family. A car that also has a special paint job.

The car, with registration OY18 BVC, is from 2018 and was achieved on a personal level by the then Prince Charles, which is very committed to protecting the environment and reducing emissions over time, which does not hesitate to set an example. This I-Pace was the first ‘zero emissions’ car in its collection.

It’s the only Jaguar I-Pace in the world in Loire Blue.

The car was given by Jaguar to Prince Charles (now King Charles III) for personal and pleasure use, although it has also been seen at official events. In fact, during her time with the royal family, Queen Elizabeth II could also be seen driving from time to time.

The car was originally painted in Eiger Grey, one of the most common colors in the model palette that is still present today. However, King Charles III insisted on painting the car in his favorite color: Loire Blue.

The interior, with light tones and wood, has no different details.

The I-Pace returned to Jaguar, who changed its color and painted it in the desired Loire Blue. To this day, it remains the only I-Pace in the world with this color. The closest thing is the Portofino Blue metallic paint that can be ordered optionally on any unit of this model.

While royal family cars usually have distinctive details, this I-Pace is quite ordinary in this sense. Only blue lights were fitted (like police cars), something common in British royal family cars.

This I-Pace remained the property of the British royal house until December 2021, having traveled less than 5,000 km. As is common with all royal family cars, the original registration plate was removed and given the OU18 VLW, which indicates the same age of the car.

It was sold to a dealer in Oxford, without mentioning its provenance. It was bought by a private individual, who has put more than 50,000 kilometers on it, adding a total of 57,126 kilometers when posting an ad. Being a special unit, it has a maintenance history in a formal home and is in good condition.

According to him the announcerThe price of the car at the auction is estimated between £55,000 and £70,000, which is between 64,200 and 81,800 euros for current changes. It is clear that, along with the clan princess of this unit, its price will be higher than the usual one in the market, although the estimates seem optimistic.