The boss has spoken!  This is what Lawrence Stroll is demanding from Aston Martin in the 2024 F1 World Cup

The boss has spoken! This is what Lawrence Stroll is demanding from Aston Martin in the 2024 F1 World Cup

The owner of the Aston Martin team, Lawrence Stroll, has established a goal that he sees fit for the 2024 Formula 1 season. Furthermore, the Canadian has spoken about the future that awaits the team at Silverstone.

When Lawrence Stroll bought Force India in his role as head of Canadian conglomerate Yew Tree, he did so with a clear goal in mind: to turn it around. the best team in formula 1.

First he turned it into Racing Point and brought in more money. Then, after becoming the executive president of Aston Martin Lagonda Holdings, the Silverstone design became the official team of the British brand.

“We are the last team still operating without our wind tunnel”

Later came a major investment aimed at a new Technology Campus, and new wind path as well as hiring big names like Fernando Alonso or Dan Fallows. And the icing on the cake, an exclusive partnership with Honda from 2026.

now, Lawrence Stroll has put all the pieces in place of the puzzle in its place and what remains is to wait for the machines to start working and the results to arrive. But at the same time, Aston Martin must show that all the efforts made by its leader are bearing fruit.

The 2024 Aston Martin Goal

With all these buildings, Lawrence Stroll has set the goal of the Aston Martin Formula 1 team for the 2024 season. The Canadian knows that, perhaps, in 2023. unrealistic expectations after the dream started, so with every World Cup starting this month, the goals are more conservative.

“We want to do better than last year. I know we would like to go from fifth to fourth or third. Either way, we just want to keep improving,” says Lawrence Stroll, aware of the difficulty of beating Red Bull in the current environment.

Not for nothing, the eight podiums achieved by Fernando Alonso last season do not hide the fact that Aston Martin is a team under construction that is not yet settled.

The Aston Martin project needs to mature

In this regard, Stroll describes Aston Martin as a “young team” and recalls that “we have moved to new facilities. Our wind tunnel will be ready in September this year. “We are the last team still operating without our wind tunnel.”.

In fact, Lawrence Stroll is very clear when it will be time to be the winning team: when Honda and the new technical regulations arrive: “In 2026 we will change to Honda engines. That’s when we are going to win.”the end

The Aston Martin AMR24 is shown for the first time on the tarmac at Silverstone.

But 2026 not only marks the beginning of a new stage of control and cooperation with Honda, but it will also be the time when the new Technology Campus can operate at full capacity.

“It’s a college whose construction started shortly after COVID. We have completed one of the three buildings. And when it’s all over, We will have big and modern facilities for Formula 1. So we are looking forward to it.”recognizes Lawrence Stroll.

But the first thing is to complete the 2024 season, in which Aston Martin will have to show that it has learned from last year’s mistakes. The new AMR24 is the key to everything, and Lawrence Stroll admits he is delighted to have already taken the car out on track.

“It was a very exciting day. Check out our Formula 1 car on shaking at the Silverstone circuit it made us all happy. I look forward to the new season,” he concludes.

Photo: Aston Martin Racing