The BMW Prize celebrates Brazil’s literacy project

The BMW Prize celebrates Brazil’s literacy project

Intercultural Innovation Hub 2023 recognizes the work of the NGO Mais Diferenças and three other initiatives in Latin America.

When thinking about innovation, BMW comes to mind soon with productivity-oriented actions on the assembly line or advanced equipment in the manufacturer’s vehicles.

But in another edition of the Intercultural Innovation Center (IIH), the German car group, in collaboration with the UN, promises to recognize the social functions of inclusion around the world.

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This year, 10 works, out of 900 submissions from around the world, were awarded within the joint initiative of the United Nations Organization of Civilizations (UNAOC), the BMW Group and Accent. Among them, the Brazilian project received the award last Wednesday, the 25th, in an event held in Berlin (Germany).

Recognition of Brazil

The organization Mais Diferenças was recognized for the project “Literature in Many Available Formats”. The program provides access to books in different formats for people with different disabilities.

With audio-visual support, the platform goes beyond the audiobook concept. The book serves people with hearing impairments and people with reading difficulties, thanks to the use of tools.

In this way, at the same time the work is explained in Brazilian Sign Language (Scale), there are also plays and sounds, and even versions that make the understanding of the text more clear. With different accessibility features, the digital tool takes into account the needs of people with different disabilities.

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“We are absolutely sure that anyone has the right, with full possibility and ability, to learn, to read, to get information. And that these people should not be left behind or left behind in this matter”, emphasized Thaís Martins. , organizer Mais Diferenças Advocacy Office.

Award for Latin America

Three other projects in Latin America were awarded at IIH 2023. In Colombia, the “Women for Climate Justice” initiative, by Fundación Barranquilla+20, was awarded for its “Women for Climate Justice” project.

In Guatemala, Fundación Ixcanul was awarded the “Cinema Viajante Itinerante” project. In Mexico, the Talent Transfer Program (PAUTA) was recognized for the program “Empowering Girls and Youth from Vulnerable Groups and Communities in Mexico to Science”.

Efforts by South Africa, Germany, Australia, Indonesia, Israel and Jordan were also made.

According to the organizers, the winning projects will have access to networks, funding and a 12-month training program to develop local skills. In addition to guidance from UNAOC, BMW Group and Accenture experts.