The BMW i7 is the protagonist of the production record for the new 7 Series

The BMW i7 is the protagonist of the production record for the new 7 Series

There BMW 7 Series is the flagship of the German manufacturer, a large luxury salon and a truly prestigious division of the brand. BMW has just released the seventh generation of this large sedan, including a fully electric variant: the new BMW i7 for which the manufacturer has already broken the barrier of two million units produced.

It is said that it is premature to talk about a limitation such as two million units produced, but in terms of BMW 7 Series it’s a real step. However, the German manufacturer has achieved this important production figure for its flagship, a real reference in the world market for its quality of construction and its most technological equipment, which is full of innovations in the seven generations it has already accumulated since it was launched. back in 1977.

It took 45 years for BMW to achieve this record for the best sedans like the 7 Series, flagship of the Propeller Manufacturer range, but no matter how much there are others like the 8 Series Gran Coupé, the X7 or the brand new BMW XM. It always surprises with the most advanced design and presents itself as a luxury model that, for the first time in its history, offers a 100% electric variant, specifically the BMW i7; in particular the most powerful version of the range today has been the 2,000,000th unit ever produced at BMW for the exclusive 7 Series range.

The BMW i7 is a luxury electric sedan

Specifically, it is the BMW i7 xDrive60 with the “M Sport” package, painted in metallic black and the interior upholstered in “Veganza” leather, a luxurious shade of cognac brown. A combination that confirms the luxury that this model offers to its owner, as well as amazing performance thanks to two electric power motors placed under the body. One on each axle on which the xDrive all-wheel drive is built and which develops a maximum power of 544 horsepower.

Its 101.7 kWh battery allows it to have a range of up to 625 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle, on a single charge. With this configuration and ignoring the options that it will certainly include, this special BMW i7 costs more than 149,000 euros. A very wide range of luxury electronics, but which is still lacking icing on the cake: Let’s talk about the exclusive BMW i7 M70 xDrive.

A real beast that will be on the same level as the future BMW M5 offering brutal performance with a maximum power of 650 horsepower and amazing performance. An edition that will be available to order from next summer and which will also feature an important novel: the first work of Level 3 autonomous driving with highway assistantthe ability to drive completely independently without the need for constant driver supervision.

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