The beastly Mazda 787B returns to Le Mans

The beastly Mazda 787B returns to Le Mans

That Mazda 787B is one of the most historic racing cars in existence. His victory inside Le Mans of 1991 was the culmination of a course that did not end there due to the spread of the rotary engine with 4 rotors it paved the way for a few more designs of the type that may not have been successful, but they are terrible. after hearing this unique sound, no matter how many years have passed. This year as part of the 100th anniversary of Le Mans the Mazda 787B it goes back to the exhibition match.

In 1991 at the 59th 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race, the Mazda 787B was the first Japanese car with a rotary engine, that is, four rotors, to win the race. So, when this year Automobile Club de l’Ouest, a race organizer you may have met somewhere like ACO, invited Mazda and the Mazda 787B to the rally competition, which will take place in the context of many and very interesting events.

The demonstration will be held on June 9 and 10, while the car will be driven by Yojiro Terada, who has 29 Le Mans entries from 1974 to 2008 and has won the category he entered 4 times.

Bright festive events

The 100th anniversary of Le Mans celebrations will also include an exhibition of past winning cars at the Le Mans Museum on 1 and 2 July when The Mazda 787B will also take part in the afternoon sprint demonstrations on June 9 and 10 before the start of the 24-hour race.

It will be something like this…


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