The Aston Martin that you can drive for 253,000 euros

The Aston Martin that you can drive for 253,000 euros

The collaboration between Aston Martin and this legendary Scottish distillery dates back to 2020 when the DBX Bowmore Edition was launched, of which only 18 units were made, created by Q, Aston Martin’s customization service. The spectacular SUV included in its interior and in some areas of the body, copper inlays with the brand Bowmore in which copper from the original alembic in which the whiskey is made was used to give this limited edition more authenticity.

This new work between the two brands comprises two elements, the glass decanter bottle and its special lid, both designed by Aston Martin, and Bowmore’s 52-year-old whiskey. The bottle cap is made of carbon fiber through a unique process that reveals the texture, following a Japanese technique called Mokume-Gane. This finish mimics the natural look of layered wood grain or natural rock, much like the bay where Bowmore Distillery is located. The whiskey is another masterpiece made from some of the distillery’s oldest vintages, mostly from the 1960s, an iconic era for this Scotch whiskey.

A DBX Bowmore to enjoy

This bottle decanter and its special content will be auctioned in Sotheby’s next May 26 and its estimated starting price is between 161,250 and 253,390 euros, although surely that figure is exceeded. The benefits will go to the Bowmore Legacy fund, which is dedicated to supporting the employment, training, and housing needs of Bowmore youth who have difficulties due to some type of limitation, in accessing jobs or decent housing.

aston martin bowmore wiskiAlso, the highest bidder for this bottle you will be able to enjoy a unique distillery experience and drive one of the DBX Bowmore during your stay on Islay, we suppose that before drinking the precious and very expensive whiskey. Islay is the spectacular Scottish island in the Inner Hebrides where the famous distillery is located. For that price, the lucky man or woman can already enjoy the experience with true intensity.