The affordable electric Fiat Pandina is scheduled to be launched in 2024

The affordable electric Fiat Pandina is scheduled to be launched in 2024

Fiat’s affordable small electric car will be called the Pandina and will be offered on three continents. This was confirmed by the CEO of Stellantis parent company Carlos Tavares, according to media reports. One of the production facilities will therefore be a converted factory in Kragujevac, Serbia. Pandina is also expected to start production in Brazil and Morocco.

The electric car announced for 25,000 euros will not be sold as a new Panda as expected. According to reports, the Pandina name is meant to be closer to the Italian brand’s small car. If there are no more stringent requirements for the upcoming Euro 7 emission standard, the Panda combustion engine can continue to be produced until 2027.

Pandina is scheduled to be officially presented in July next year. The minivan will be offered as a hybrid and fully electric vehicle. The small electric variant will be sold at a base price of around 15,000 euros, the fully electric one with a range of 200 km from 20,000 euros and with a range of 320 km from 23,000 euros.

The planned entry-level electric car is based on the ë-C3 from sister brand Citroën, which will be launched in early 2024 and was recently delivered. Stellantis has improved the e-CMP system and reduced costs for its affordable small battery-powered vehicles. The platform, now called CMP Smart Car, can be used as the basis for up to seven models, including one from Opel.

According to reports, the Fiat Pandina will be almost four meters long like the Citroën. The design of the crossover is said to be the basis of research by Centoventi (article photo), which was shown in 2019 as a preview of the electric panda.

Fiat already has a popular small electric car on offer, the 500e. However, for a range in this country with a small battery for a range of only 190 km, at least 30,240 euros are appropriate. Topolino has recently been available for 9,890 euros, but it is a light car with only two seats and a maximum speed of 45 km / h.