The adoration of the Hyundai theme: Is it irresistible?  |  Editorial

The adoration of the Hyundai theme: Is it irresistible? | Editorial

The words from the title of the article refer to the slogan that once appeared (at least in Brno) on all the advertising formats of the South Korean brand in question. It read: You can’t stop Hyundai! I was very amused at the time because the word Spare Vehicle was always written on it in small letters, which I always found ironic.

Today, however, I don’t want to be cynical, because lately it seems to me that Hyundai is fully fulfilling its initial advertising claims. The last time it hit me was a few weeks ago, when the media leaked the news that the car company, within its Mobis development office, was working on a new type of electric car with a very interesting function called e-Corner.

This system, with four electric motors mounted directly on the wheels, can turn the wheels independently up to an angle of 90 degrees. So the new Hyundai can move in a crab walk mode and makes it easier for its driver not only to park at a height or to turn a place , but also switching from lane to lane and many other tricks. I am adding a video for illustration:

It looks absolutely gorgeous, doesn’t it? Yes, indeed, there are a few visual issues with the concept shown, as you can see that the system is not completely compatible with the body of the Ioniq 5. Also, the engineers must have many other problems that we do not know about. about. But anyway, every time I see these shots, it blows my mind how interesting it is to see what this brand is achieving now, especially considering what cars were selling for millennia.

I know what I’m talking about. Although I myself am a lover of Citroën and Japanese brands, I have a lot of experience with Hyundai cars, especially with models of the first years of the 21st century. three times a week for two years) I did in a 2002 H-1 2.5 CRDi model. Yes, I was the driver of the white car.

Said “ha-jednička” was used as a lunch truck in the company where I was working part-time as a student, and when I joined it it had already driven more than 150,000 kilometers received (no one knows how many, the boss. bought it second-hand), for so it was in very used condition. It did not want to start, its chassis was already bent and rust blisters appeared here and there on its body.

Indeed, it would be cheap to laugh at him for the way he led a bad life after such a life, especially when he was not bad from a practical point of view. After all, some colleagues from the editorial office even claim that it was one of the best cars of its generation. However, my thoughts do not flow in this direction. He showed me perfectly”old Hyundai“.

Hyundai H-1, source: Hyundai

Apart from its large cargo area, the four-cylinder diesel (which eventually died of a head fracture) and was relatively stable (although it was mostly unfired during my ownership), offered nothing, no beauty or perhaps even drivability. experience – not in detail or hint. It was just a car.

Yes, of course, you should not blame the van. But I also remember similar feelings with another Hyundai from the same time, which also existed in my neighborhood for a long time. It was a Getz model of the same year of 2002 in the basic three-door version with a small eleven under the hood. It was bought new by a good friend of my family and he had it for a very long time, so I got behind the wheel of it a few times (as I grew up).

Hyundai Getz, source: Hyundai

And really it was the same thing. The Getz had more room than expected, solid equipment for the given price (except for one detail, the manufacturer did not produce its own radio in the Czech Republic at that time, so it was always necessary to buy aftermarket) and a revving engine for pleasant, but otherwise it did not offer a single thing that would please motorists. He was just a cheap game.

Hyundai Getz, source: Hyundai

I’m not saying it’s wrong. Such cars are also in demand and are produced by many brands. Except that I had the same feeling about all the old models that I got my hands on, including the most expensive ones, whether I’m talking about the tasteless first Tucson, the second generation Sante-Fe with beige leather interior . imitation aluminum and wood trim, which was worth nothing, or the previous generation i30. They were all unattractive cars, just old fashioned Hyundais.

Hyundai Tucson, source: Hyundai

Hyundai Santa-Fe, source: Hyundai

Hyundai Santa-Fe, source: Hyundai

Hyundai i30, source: Hyundai

Now let’s fast forward to 2023 (the era of ads like And the neighbor from Boleslav will be very small I will allow myself to leave it for diplomatic reasons) and let’s see New Hyundai. Usually, they still produce simple cars whose main function is to bring their employees to destinations, for example i20 or Bayon. However, even these common models have their distinctive face and will definitely not go with the crowd.

Hyundai i20, photo: Jan Machač,

Hyundai Bayon, photo: Daniel Borský,

In addition, the brand also makes the most beautiful pieces, as anyone who has had the chance to ride anything with an N badge will attest. Thanks to my dear colleagues František and David, I tried two, Kona N and i30 N. , and in both cases it was great! Really great! Personally, I would probably end up choosing the first one, because I find it a little less uncompromising and I like its crazy Asian design a little more.

Hyundai Kona N, Photo: Josef Vyškovský

However, both cars are absolutely divine, no doubt about it! They eat well and can include happy hours. I still sometimes dream about the red button with the inscription Grin, which I called at work Mr. Burns’ Smile Freak. I never believed that I would be so fond of a car that has the South Korean H-style on the hood.

Hyundai i30 N, Karel Soukup @ksphotocz

However, it is not only about this sports unit, Hyundai is stepping on the pedal elsewhere as well. Has anyone had a chance to ride the aforementioned Ioniq 5? This is an absolute god car with a perfect retro futuristic look. If I were to buy an electric car, this is the one I want. I also had the opportunity to take a static look at the new Genesis GV80 last year in France – the brand’s current luxury SUV. Unlike the crazy 2007 Santa-Fe, this one looks pretty good.

Hyundai Ioniq 5, photo: Jan Machač,

Genesis GV80, Source: Genesis

Last but not least, the brand does not slack off in the development of new technology, which not only keeps up with the European competition without problems, but often seems to even run away from it, see e-Corner mentioned in. introduction. The growth of the brand in the last two decades is really amazing, and most importantly, I enjoy it. It is definitely interesting to look at, which, let’s pour some fresh wine, is not true for all car companies today.

Genesis GV80, Source: Genesis

Indeed, this article is probably wood in the community here, because of course you already know everything that stands here. Also, it can give a little impression of PR, which it should not be. But I wanted to write it anyway, because I think Hyundai deserves recognition. I am very curious to see what the future holds for this brand, because I already feel that the opening slogan is gaining importance. Yes, Hyundai, it seems you will not stop.

how are you doing Do you have the same experience with the old Hyundai? Are you also interested in what the brand looks like today? And what are you looking forward to in the future? The debate is yours.

I apologize for the model photos, I somehow didn’t take photos of the old Hyundais.