The Acura Integra Type S Is One Of The Best New Cars Under 0,000

The Acura Integra Type S Is One Of The Best New Cars Under $100,000

Last year the Honda Civic Type R was a top contender for our Performance Car of the Year—as it deserved. It’s one of the best front-wheel-drive cars ever sold, it’s a great performance bargain, it’s extremely successful on the track, and its back seat is big enough that you could pay for one like an Uber.

Everything I didn’t like about the Civic Type R (and by everything, I mean “both things”) was addressed by the Acura Integra Type S, a slightly sleeker, more luxurious version of the same basic package. It still has the best converter south of six figures. It still has performance and engagement tracks, as many comparisons have shown. And it’s good enough to be used as a daily driver, even in places that aren’t fully paved. They added an adjustable lumbar and Acura’s standard ELS stereo as well.

By not fixing what isn’t broken while improving a few things for the adults in the room and putting a reasonable, enthusiast-friendly price in the window, Acura has delivered one of the best new cars on sale today for under $100,000. That is why it is a main contender for the Best Performance Car of the Year 2024.

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