The 2024 Nissan Z Legacy Edition Returns to 55 Years of the Z

The 2024 Nissan Z Legacy Edition Returns to 55 Years of the Z

Important takeaways

  • The 2024 Nissan Z Heritage Edition pays homage to classic Z cars with unique paint, graphics and badging.
  • There are no technical changes from the regular Z, and the Heritage Edition only offers visual enhancements.
  • The limited production model comes at a premium price, appealing to fans of Nissan’s sports car history.

As a company with a long history of beloved sports cars, Nissan He is not ashamed of their past business. They have often released special limited editions to commemorate a particular style or event in their corporate heritage. Many, if not most, of these anniversary editions have been simple exercises in unique paint and/or badging, although some cars have seen a few updates from the regular edition. The 2024 Nissan Z Legacy Edition takes a little time out of every lineup by bringing some cool styling upgrades along with modern graphics.

It’s basically a Customized Fairlady Z Proto

Two years ago as the new Nissan Z hit US roads, HotCars got an up-close look at the facelifted Z model in Japan. Known as the Fairlady Z Customized Proto, it sported a burnt orange paint job, black graphics, black wheels, and notably a revised fascia with a body-colored strip separating the top and bottom, instead of the car’s usual large open area. For many, this simple change greatly changed the appearance of the car, as the large open grille looked scary and hungry.

When the car was launched, Hiroshi Tamura, Chief Product Specialist for the Z and GT-R, noted that because the new car was turbocharged, more cooling air was needed, hence the larger grille. When asked about the changes to the 2024 Nissan Z Legacy Edition, Nissan told me that the bottom opening of the Legacy Edition is wider compared to the regular Z, which allows Nissan to maintain the same cooling performance.

That’s what you’ll get with this limited-production 2024 Nissan Z Legacy Edition. Available in Sight Orange, it’s loaded with graphics and badges reminiscent not only of the Fairlady Z Custom Proto shown in Japan, but of classic Z cars from 55 years ago. That’s right, 55 years, when the 1970 Datsun 240Z was revealed and went into production in 1969. The black 19-inch alloy wheels shown here are exclusive to the Z Heritage Edition, and when combined with the orange paint and black graphics, pay homage to open to the Japanese market only 1970s Nissan Z432R.

One neat visual trick is the C-pillar badge behind the side window. While the regular 2024 Nissan Z lacks the circular Z badge in this area, on this Z Heritage Edition, you’ll see a simulated wreath surrounding the badge. A similar wreath has been featured on many anniversary Z models over the years, starting with the 10th Anniversary Edition Datsun 280ZX in 1980.

No Mechanical Changes From Standard Z

Mechanically, the 2024 Nissan Z Legacy Edition is basically the Z Performance model except for the visual enhancements. A nine-speed automatic transmission and a six-speed manual are available for the same price. Still with the 400 hp 3.0-liter V6 under the hood, a limited-slip differential, and high-performance brakes that the Z Performance trim does, the car starts at $54,110 after $1140 in destination charges. The car is upgraded from the standard Z Sport trim, which loses less traction, bigger brakes, 19-inch alloy wheels and a leather interior but stickers for just $44,110. Opting for this 2024 Nissan Z Legacy Edition will drop that final sticker price after delivery to $60,275 — a six-thousand-dollar bump for a new grille, muted graphics and new wheels.

Is it worth the extra cost? It’s hard to say, as the style is personal, but for those who are into the history of Nissan sports car, it can be very good. We may mourn the loss of the soon-to-be popular GT-R, but at least the Z remains. The 2024 Nissan Z Legacy Edition will go on sale this summer.

Source: Nissan