Test: Citroen C5 Aircross 1.5 BlueHDi 130 HP with EAT8 automatic transmission.  How much fuel does a diesel burn and how does it run?  |  French.pl

Test: Citroen C5 Aircross 1.5 BlueHDi 130 HP with EAT8 automatic transmission. How much fuel does a diesel burn and how does it run? | French.pl

Citroen C5 Aircross in Shine version with 1.5 BlueHDi engine and EAT8 automatic transmission came to our editorial office for a week’s testing. We loved this SUV for its comfort, convenience and pleasant drive. The facelifted version looks more mature, and thanks to the HDi diesel engine, it’s less fuel efficient.

Citroën C5 Aircross starts at PLN 139,450 total for the You version, but the brand is currently offering big discounts, so it’s best to check with your dealer what offer you can get. The Shine version is no longer on the price list, the names of the versions have changed to You (basic), Plus (medium) and Max (high-end version) – but this is the charm of the time the models spend in the media. Drive – we drove the top version of Shine.

Configure your C5 Aircross


Citroën worked on its SUV and created a car that, in my opinion, looks better than the first version. It’s more mature and even the garnish on the grill gives it some weight. Of course, the silhouette has retained its curves – after all, it’s a facelift, not a complete transformation. I also have the impression that Peugeot would be reluctant to add sharp angles and straight lines, jealously guarding the 3008’s success.

The body was painted black, which looks great on the C5 Aircross. The only drawback is to wash off this beautiful nail color in autumn and winter. However, in terms of appearance it is very good. Of course, all we could ask for is a few red additions – the car looks great.


The sound system worked properly – with perfect sound. If I had anything to complain about, it would be the slightly lower midrange tones. Streaming from the phone and, of course, digital radio works best – the sound is clear and has a very wide range of dynamics. We can easily get bass, although there is no subwoofer. When listening only in quiet this last feature means that there are few low tones.

The quality of Bluetooth connectivity on Android phones and iPhones was also flawless. Pairing the devices took a short time, and the system performed all tasks without any problems.

Interior – front

The driver sits in a very comfortable seat and is greeted by a digital panel, which will be a big plus for minimalists, but probably won’t appeal to die-hard watch lovers. Citroen focuses on simplicity and it is no different here. All components are aesthetically minimalist, from the speedometer to the tachometer.

Access to important functions through physical keys – including turning off the stop system – will certainly be beneficial. The seat heating is also easily activated via the touch panel. The C5 Aircross system is easy to use, but… there was no navigation in this version. How, you may ask?

Citroen came to the conclusion that a smartphone can be used for this purpose, and I fully agree – it’s a pity it’s only through a cable. To make it easier, there is a physical button to turn on the navigation. And when it comes to the phone, it is very smart to create rooms in one of the rooms – thanks to them you can easily put your phone there. A big advantage. Another bonus feature is the large storage compartment in the wide console under the main screen and the large one in the armrest area!

The passenger has the same comfortable seat as the driver. It could be done a little wider, but other than that it’s hard to complain. Citroen produces a very good foam that is more reminiscent of home furniture than a car, and here it is very comfortable. When traveling, the spacious storage compartments at the front doors will come in handy. The compartment in front of the passenger may not be wide, but you can hide many small things in it.

I really like the stylistic reference of the C5 Aircross dashboard with a dash on it – even though it’s a plastic element, it enlivens the interior and introduces a sense of travel. The only thing I’m not entirely convinced about is the blue stitching. White or light beige would probably be best. Well, it’s a matter of taste.

The driver’s seat can be adjusted electrically, the passenger’s seat – manually. A small thing, but it is important to remember when setting up the car.

Interior – back

In the back we have something brilliant – three independent seats, each of which can be adjusted separately. Three people, even of reasonable height, can fit here without difficulty. There is a lot of headroom. It is worse on the sides, here the width of the body is xxx. But there are a few more advantages: you sit a little higher than in front, so you can easily see the road ahead. The rear seats, although narrower than the front ones, have good upholstery, are soft and support the body well.

Passengers have one USB socket present, which is small for today’s needs. The seats have small pockets, as do the side doors – but not many will fit there. Reading lights above the passenger allow you to easily read or use a tablet or even a laptop, and their weak light will not disturb the driver.


Convenience and comfort – this is the first thing that comes to mind after driving the C5 Aircross. The car is very comfortable and the suspension softens the bumps. I switched from a higher class car to this SUV and still felt comfortable here. The second thing that attracts attention when using the C5 Aircross for the first time is the excellent sound insulation. Even when driving at 140 km / h it is really quiet inside and you can talk peacefully. Once the engine warms up, there is no noise.

The combination of the 1.5 BlueHDi unit and the EAT8 automatic works well. It can be difficult to talk about amazing dynamics, because it has only 130 HP, but the big torque does its job. Passing is smooth, as is acceleration. The car does not seem to feel under any load, whether you are traveling with one or four people.

The ride itself is surprisingly light. Despite being an SUV, the C5 Aircross corners comfortably and performs all maneuvers with ease. You don’t feel any weight or size. Despite the pleasantly smooth suspension, it is not particularly responsive to the wind on the highway. Very good connection. I got the impression that it is a light C3 and not a big car.

Driver assistants work very well. Trying to turn without using your turn signal? Citroen will gently remind you with the steering wheel that you are pulling aside and ask if you are sure you want to do so. No, and there is no shock or inspiration here.

Interestingly, there is no longer a separate knob for driving in sand, mud or snow – now it is combined in one solution and we can choose at once from Sport / Normal / Eco / Sand / Mud / Snow.


This is probably the funnest part about diesels. Fuel consumption was very low. This test, uniquely, was done mainly in the city, so we don’t have detailed data from the route, but in the city streets the average was 6.4 liters per 100 km (with a 50 km drive to the highway), without any eco. -driving and for many short distances. For SUVs with automatic transmission – better.

Advantages and disadvantages – summary

Elegant appearance, convenience, comfort, practicality of the second row of seats, large trunk and wheelbase, and therefore space inside – C5 Aircross has many advantages and is worth considering as your SUV.

What can be considered a loss? The simplified images of the watch may bother some people. Interior design is also a matter of taste. There are few soft-finish materials in the interior of the C5 Aircross. When buying BlueHDi diesel, it is good to remember to add an additive that prevents crystallization and prevents the AdBlue fluid in the tank. The weak point is definitely the quality of the reversing camera.

Due to the huge discounts, which have not been available on the sales network for a long time, it is definitely worth contacting a Citroën dealer and checking what offers you can get.

Citroen C5 Aircross – technical data

Wheelbase (mm) – 2,730
Maximum height (mm) – 1,695
Length of cargo space (mm) – 987
Back side (mm) – 853
Maximum height (mm) – 4,500
Maximum width without mirrors (mm) – 1,859
trunk capacity – 580 liters
Fuel tank capacity – 52.5 liters

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