Tesla’s reputation in the US has been shaken

Tesla’s reputation in the US has been shaken

Toyota has the best reputation in the automotive industry, while Samsung has the best reputation in the industry as a whole.

Tesla is a small miracle because in almost two decades it has been able to lead in electric mobility and has built a reputation similar to Apple. However, that was the case until other car manufacturers in Europe and China woke up.

And while the gigafactories have returned to near production levels and high sales, the same has not been true for Tesla’s reputation, which has fallen over the past year, according to Axios research in the United States.

The research is based on a questionnaire conducted in March for 16,310 drivers. The questions were about companies with the best and worst reputation according to criteria such as organizational culture, development, products, reliability, etc.

As you will see in the table above, Toyota leads the list of automakers, followed by Honda, as well as Subaru, BMW, Ford, GM and the VW Group. Last year, Tesla was in 12th place, and this year it dropped to 67th.

Below you can see according to the research all the companies with a strong reputation in the USA. In the top 10 and among others are John Deere, Toyota, Samsung, Amazon, Apple and Sony. The most infamous car companies are Chrysler, Tesla and VW Group.