Tesla wants to conquer the car market with very cheap electricity

Tesla wants to conquer the car market with very cheap electricity

A Tesla is preparing to take an important step in winning the car market in terms of electric cars. Something to be done with Example 2, which has already been communicated to the shareholders of the brand. It is known that it will be a segment B hatchback that will face popular models, such as VW ID2. And it will have a distance of 400 km.

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Although there is no official confirmation yet, it is speculated to be a new bet Elon Musk it will enter the market at an attractive price of 18,500 euros. If this is confirmed, it is expected that there will be a huge demand for what will be Tesla’s cheapest model. And that will try to compete with the increasing number of Chinese trams coming to Europe.

The Model 2 will be the first Tesla designed with citizens in mind

This rumor goes in the same direction as the ideas publicly advocated by Elon Musk. Who has been talking about new models with an annual production of more than 5 million units. To get an idea, in 2022, Tesla produced “only” 1.3 million units, which are distributed among the 4 existing models. So the Model 2 will be the brand’s first bet on mass consumption.

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Text: Bruno Seruca
Photo: Production NetCarShow