Tesla Ranked 50th in America’s Leading Businesses Survey

Tesla Ranked 50th in America’s Leading Businesses Survey

JAKARTA-Electric car manufacturer led by Elon Musk, Tesla dropped 50 places to number 62 out of 100 companies according to the latest ranking of the most popular brands in the United States (US).

The list places Tesla in the “good” category, according to the scoring guide. Tesla scored “excellent” in the categories of trajectory, vision, and products and services – and “very good” in growth.

The electric car maker’s decline came as rival Ford Motor jumped nine places to become the no. 32. Meanwhile, more broadly, survey respondents chose Patagonia and Costco as the No. 1 most recognizable brands. 1 and No. 2 in the United States. They looked even worse at Musk’s one company, dropping Twitter to number 97.

As for Tesla, it scored “fair” for character, belief, and nationality. Since 2016, Tesla’s reputation rating has been between “excellent” and “very good”, according to survey results.

Reputation ranking of car companies in the top 100

6. Toyota

13. Honda

16. Subaru

24. BMWs

32. Ford

34. General Motors

56. Volkswagen

62. Tesla

67. Chrysler (Stelantis)

Source: Axios Harris Poll

The Axios Harris 100 poll surveyed 16,310 Americans who were “nationally representative” from March 13 to 28, 2023. The process began by “examining the public’s perception of whether companies are doing well or failing in society.”

Survey respondents were asked which two companies, in their opinion, currently have the best reputation and which two had the worst reputation. Responses are collected to determine which companies are most visible. The top 100 companies are judged on nine dimensions, including character, trajectory and credibility.

Much of the attention on Tesla CEO Musk has been focused on his leadership of Twitter, which he bought for $44 billion last October — and that worries some Tesla investors who think Musk is too distracted and too dedicated to his other companies.

In an open letter sent in April to Tesla chairman Robyn Denholm and CEO Ira Ehrenpreis, 17 Tesla shareholders said, “The board allows the CEO to sacrifice himself every time the company faces a major challenge. Corporate boards can and should step in if the CEO anyone seems distracted or too focused on other activities.

Tesla has faced a lot of trouble recently, including a lawsuit from California regulators over claims that its Fremont Factory is a “racially segregated workplace where black workers are accused of racism and discrimination.” The California Department of Labor and Housing told The Wall Street Journal they received “hundreds of complaints from workers.”

Neither Tesla nor Musk responded to Insider’s request for comment.

The EV company has also faced criticism from customers who were angry that the company had slashed prices on some of its models, saying they felt they were being “ripped off”, and “taken advantage of”. Earlier this year, Tesla had to recall more than 362,000 of its cars due to problems with its Full Self-Driving software that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said “increases the risk of a crash” and could cause the cars to “drive themselves in an unsafe manner.” .” crossroads.”

The top-ranked car company on the Axios Harris Poll 100 is Toyota, ranking sixth among the 100 most visible brands. Honda, Subaru, BMW, Ford, General Motors and Volkswagen all top Tesla, and Chrysler ranks last among all car companies, coming in at no. 67.

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