Tesla car overtakes Toyota Corolla in the world’s best sellers;  Take a look

Tesla car overtakes Toyota Corolla in the world’s best sellers; Take a look

The first four months of 2023 brought a historic milestone for the automotive industry. O Tesla The Model Y became the world’s best-selling car, the first electric car in history to achieve this feat.

the car Tesla (TSLA34) it overtook the Toyota Corolla, which previously topped the list of best-selling cars in the world, based on quarterly data from automotive consultancy Jato Dynamics.

In total, there were 267,200 new Tesla Model Y registrations in the first four months of this year, about 4.2% above the Toyota Corolla, which sold 256,400 vehicles in the same period.

Jato Dynamics analysis takes into account data from domestic markets in 53 countries, spread over 5 continents. Despite this success of Tesla, other cars that make up the list of best selling cars in the world they still have the main role of Toyota.

In third place is the Toyota Hilux, with 214,700 units registered in the first quarter of 2023. Next is the Toyota RAV4, with 211,000. Toyota Camry rounds out the top 5 with 166,200 units. See a summary of the data in the table below.

An example Number of licensed units
Tesla Model Y 267.2 thousand
Toyota Corolla 256.4 thousand
Toyota hilux 214.4 thousand
Toyota RAV4 211 thousand
Toyota camry 166.2 thousand

The milestone achieved by the Tesla Model Y is even more noteworthy considering the 47 million units of the Toyota Corolla registered since it was launched on the market.

According to the consultant responsible for the data, a large number of the public Tesla car it was based on his proposal, bringing a combination of a bulky model, like an SUV, with the technological resources of an electric motor, which should be the trend of the coming years.

What is the Tesla Model Y like? Look at the features of the car

O Tesla Model Y it has an engine whose autonomy is 370 km, considering the charge of only one battery. In addition, it can accelerate to 100 km / h in about 3.5 seconds, reaching a maximum speed of 350 km / h.

The most improved version of the car, the version called “Performance”, can also reach 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds, but its autonomy is 21.6% more than the original version of 450 km.

China, the European Union and the United States were the places where Tesla’s most successful car was most popular, which helped to increase its number of new registrations.

The most modern version of the car from Tesla he hasn’t arrived in Brazil yet. On the other hand, the estimate is that by 2024 this should happen.