Tesla and Ford announce partnership

Tesla and Ford announce partnership

Tesla and Ford announced on Thursday (25) a partnership that will give owners of Ford electric vehicles access to Elon Musk’s company’s EV charging network. Called Supercharger, Tesla’s charging company has at least 12,000 stations across the United States. The move will come into effect next year.

I have a lot of respect for Ford as a company and they make great cars. We are very happy to support this.

Elon Musk during a live announcement on Twitter.

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During the announcement, which was announced on Twitter Spaces, a social network that Musk also owns, Jim Farley, CEO of Ford, also said that the company’s next-generation EVs will be made with Tesla-style charging ports, instead of the so-called charger. used by many EV manufacturers including General Motors, Audi and Rivian.

Until new Tesla-sized port cars hit the market, existing Ford electric cars will use an adapter to access the Supercharger.

(Photo: Disclosure/Ford)

It is worth saying that the association is and is not very surprising. Elsewhere, Farley described Tesla’s EV price cuts as a “worrisome trend” that has put pressure on Ford to lower the price of its Mach-E Mustang to compete in the US, where Musk’s automaker leads. For him, Tesla’s strategy put the company at risk.

However, after the presentation of Ford’s results, which showed negative results, the billionaire surrendered to the opponent’s strategies and focused on how the company has been facing fierce competition in the “smart” EV market. The CEO has always expressed interest in Ford, noting that, along with its automaker, the company is the only American company that has never gone bankrupt.

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Recently, Uber and Google’s Waymo also announced a partnership. Now, Uber will have Waymo’s robotic axis available in its app for transportation and food delivery in Phoenix, Arizona (USA). The novel was announced on Tuesday (23) and should arrive later this year. See more here!

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