Tax free Election 2023: What time is the measure used?

Tax free Election 2023: What time is the measure used?

Tolls will be free – and therefore free of charge – for citizens on the country’s highways in order to facilitate their movement in the parliamentary elections of May 21, 2023, as specified by the decision of the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, responsible for Infrastructure, Mr. Giorgos Karagiannis.

Of course, we should emphasize that transportation is free for citizens but not for the government which will pay the price of the ferries of all citizens, the route of oper approx 5.8 million euros the cost of that measure.

When does free travel start?

Free travel will start at 00:00 on Saturday 20 May 2023 and will last until 08:00 on Monday 22 May 2023.

Which vehicles and which roads are involved?

Specifically, Free crossings for passengers of Private Use and two-wheelers (category 1 and 2) at front and side toll booths of all highways in the country. That is, for:

  • Motorway Elefsina – Corinth – Patras – Bypass of Patras, Motorway Corinth – Tripoli – Kalamata and Lefktro – Sparta,
  • Rio – Antirrio Bridge,
  • Ionia Street
  • PATHE Metamorphosi highway section – Skarfeia,
  • Central Greece Road and part of PATHE Scarfeia – Rahes, Motorway Rahes – Kleidi,
  • Egnatia Street
  • Attic Odos.

About court representatives who will go to perform their duties, Toll collection will be suspended from Thursday 18 May 2023 at 10:00 am. until Monday, May 22, 2023 at 12:00 carry out their duties.

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Duty-free crossing will be done by showing the appointment document of the Court Representative along with their Police ID.

Election 2023: Number plates and driving and traffic licenses are back

According to the license reinstatement announcement, the decision covers driving and traffic information that has been withdrawn or submitted to the Police Authority by Wednesday, May 17, 2023. for infringement only:

  • of article 34 of COK (stopping and parking) and
  • of paragraph 3 of article 4 of COK (plate P-40, stopping and parking is prohibited), which the removal of license and license plates is issued for twenty (20) days, in accordance with paragraph 8 of article 103 of the Civil Code, as amended and valid. and paragraph 3 of article 31 of Law 4530/2018.
  • Offenses related to ramps to prevent people with disabilities are excluded and parking in exclusive or general parking areas for people with disabilities (article 29 section 1 sec. b of Law 4530/2018).

The conditions for retrieving vehicle and traffic data mentioned above are payment of administrative fines.

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