Tanak makes progress with Puma on dirt

Tanak makes progress with Puma on dirt

His star M-Sport Ford, Ot Tanakgains confidence and understanding Puma Rally1 Hybrid of soil measurements from his point of view Rally Sardinia of the following week (June 1 – 4).

THE Ot Tanakwho has finished in the top five in his four rounds this year WRC so far, it is in second place in the league before the Olbia match. THE Tanak said that the second gravel rally with this car – Rally Portugal this month – helped to better understand his engine M-Sport.

“It was a busy weekend”said the Estonian about his fourth place in Matosinhos. “In Mexico I wasn’t very confident and it was difficult to understand what I missed, but I would say this weekend gave us more understanding and now I think we have enough information to move forward.”

Second place is far from the best place for him Tanakbut the Italian island has the best memory – it is the place where he won the first round of the world championship and one of the Ford Fiesta WRC of the British team in 2017.

Team leader M-Sport Richard Miller he was encouraged by his pace Tanak in the gravel. He added: “I think there are a lot of positives. Ott’s pace at the start of the meeting was good and he continues to show us what he and the car can do.

We are still second overall in the drivers’ championship, which is something to be proud of.”