System 1 |  McLaren, Norris believes he will win in 2024

System 1 | McLaren, Norris believes he will win in 2024

The second part of the season told us how McLaren he is finally back in good shape. The Woking team, having started climbing but mainly with the previous year’s car, worked hard to allow Lando Norris have one competitive seat to begin with Austrian Grand Prixthen implement new features of Oscar Piastre starting the following weekend, that of Silverstone. The English driver has secured seven places this year, and the next step is obviously to win a race, and he believes this can happen in 2024.

“I feel like we’re about to win – Norris told Sky Sports. We have a lot of resources in place, and there are also new boys from other teams: we are in a better position than ten years ago, something good awaits us next year. Finally the wind tunnel is working properly, now we can put everything in place. In 2024 I think I will be in the most confident moment of my career, but we need to start the season well. This year we started very badly, but we were very strong at the end, so if we can start well next season, I think it could be a good year.” has been selected by the new Google News service,
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