SUVs we expect to be unveiled in 2023 (picture list)

SUVs we expect to be unveiled in 2023 (picture list)

The calendar shows May 26. We are getting close in the middle of the year. Automakers have already moved in this year many new model showsif these are concerns brand new addition in their ranks either renewal (new generations and facelifts) of existing ones. However, do not be discouraged. There are still… not enough to be revealed border end of 2023!

The fact is that the brand they don’t tend to “rush” to advertise the exact date of the presentation of the new model, especially the time has not completed most of the necessary tests its evolution.

We you we present, almost every day, spy photos from various nature which our partners encounter all information which have been known until specific times of their measurements but also the expected one their delivery period.

We must not forget, after all, that there are often different shows and the market or continent, at different times, while it is always followed waiting for their launch in the market of the country, sometimes even to the start of their mass production.

From abundance of examples which we expect to be presented for the first time, A number of SUVs stand out. After all, it’s that class has dominated buyers’ preferences in recent years. Based on what we know so far, at least 17 car manufacturers they are about to upgrade their lineup with new ones examples of entertainment border end of 2023.

Most of them will instead of existing versionsbut there is also brand new additionlike the new one FIAT 600brand new Lexus LBX and GX,, Mazda CX-80,, Renault Rafale (Coupe) and Volvo EX30.

In addition, they are also expected new power supply “recommendations”.like BMW iX2but also Hyundai Ioniq 5 Nwhen the case of the new Porsche Macan EV is on the limit, as its delivery schedule has already been revised, albeit officiallyits dimensions are known.

In next list we came together with the automotive industry as many The SUV show has been officially announced that will happen within 2023but also those that information can qualify as “safe” for the period of their implementation.

Clear it is possible that others will appearas the data can change at any time, as well others will be transferred earlier or until 2024. Clicking on relevant links you have the ability to see in detail what we already know for each example.


Q5: The Fourth Quarter

Q6 e-tron: December

Q7: The Fourth Quarter


X2 and iX2: Autumn


Duster: The Fourth Quarter


600: Summer


Ioniq 5N: July

Tucson: November

Santa Fe: Second Semester


Sorento: Second Semester


LBX: June 5

GX: June 9


CX-80: September


Citizens: Autumn


3008: September


Macan EV: The Fourth Quarter


Range Rover Sport SV: May 31st


Rafale (Coupe): June 18

Capture: The Fourth Quarter


Kamiq: Second term

Kodiak: Second term


C-HR: June


T-Cross: July

Tiguan: summer (early)


EX30: June 7