Surprise Ford Bronco Badlands, the icon of American off-road was tested in the city.  This is how it was

Surprise Ford Bronco Badlands, the icon of American off-road was tested in the city. This is how it was

ROME – Strong, strong, bright and very wide: Ford Bronco, the American “beast” that the house of the Blue Oval has finally decided to export to other markets including Italy, after 57 years of good work in the United States and more of 2 million. cars sold over five generations. There are two versions available, the more relaxed Outer Banks and the more extreme Badlands, the subject of our test.

With the new Bronco you will definitely not be overlooked: square and attractive lines, large grille with a good-looking brand, round headlights, long bonnet, black plastic wheel arches, removable hard roof like doors, large wheels with 17 alloy rims The six-tone stereo and the vertical opening tailgate and rear window do justice to the muscular and wild car. The surprise is that the Badlands, with its steel frame with high strength of the box, is not only easily on the worst trails, on rock, sand, mud, ice, crossings and impossible slopes, but also in the city and normally. road.

In fact, it glides easily even through the streets of central Rome, thanks to the smooth and precise steering, the smooth and powerful engine and the 10-speed automatic transmission. And it makes even the potholed streets of the capital look healthy thanks to its skills unlimited off-road. Of course, the dimensions (4.81 meters long, 2.2 meters wide and 1.85 meters high) are important, but the camera does the trick and the power steering does the rest. There is plenty of space on board and by opening the rear door and reclining the seat you can load several bikes.

Behind the wheel, you are impressed by the beauty of the 2.7-liter turbo V6 petrol engine capable of producing 335 HP and 563 Nm of torque, which accelerates the buffalo weighing more than 2,300 kg from 0-100 km/h in just 6.7 seconds. with a maximum speed of around 160 km / h and consumption in the order of 8-10 km / l, depending on the distance you go. The height from the bottom is 261 mm (with a swimming capacity of 800 mm) and as soon as you enter the board you have the feeling of entering another dimension: you are used to the most modern and often useless stylistic solutions, in return, almost soundproof. , large infotainment screens, sitting behind the wheel of the Bronco makes you take the tradition, where everything is important and works for driving, without many frills, but with modern and modern solutions, especially for the “basic” part, the dedicated to off-road.

The passenger compartment is comfortable, all the controls are in the right places on the large steering wheel and on the dashboard with an 8-inch TFT instrument panel and on the central console, dominated by a 12-inch infotainment screen with a compatible system. Apple CarPlay and Android Car, from the radio and climate controls, from the gearbox and from the various modes of operation.

The new Bronco has the standard Normal, Eco, Sport and Slippery modes as well as a modern all-wheel drive system, available in standard or reduced gears. However, for the off-road, GOAT (Goes Over Any Type of Terrain) tracks have been added, capable of tackling any type of terrain, including Mud/Ruts, Sand and race-driven Baja mode, specially designed for the Badlands. example. There’s also the Trail Toolbox, a range of advanced off-road technologies to help speeding drivers; a series of driving assistance systems such as AdvanceTrac against side slip, Roll Stability Control that prevents the vehicle from overturning using individual wheels and Trailer Sway Control to ensure safety even when towing; and there’s a 360-degree camera system that turns on automatically when you’re in off-road driving situations and helps you see where you’re putting your wheels.

In Italy Ford Bronco Badlands costs 81,000 euros (Outer Banks costs 77,000). And it represents the complete concept of the new strategy of the American giant, which has decided to focus also on the most emotional and expensive cars and, above all, with high limits. Exactly the same as the stars and stripes icon outside the road.