Surprise at McLaren: “The jerseys are getting longer, Ferrari and Red Bull already in the 2021 standards” – 2022

Surprise at McLaren: “The jerseys are getting longer, Ferrari and Red Bull already in the 2021 standards” – 2022

Last year many teams and insiders believed that the next generation cars would reveal themselves quite slowly compared to those of 2021. Some estimated that the cycle time loss could even be as high as 3”. This is because, if on the one hand the ground effect would produce better performance in the fast corners, the high pressure drop in the slow corners would lead to an inevitable increase in the times.

It has entered Bahrain However, Ferrari and Red Bull changed 1.5” slower than the previous year, in Saudi Arabia The qualifying difference was even less than a second and the same for Monza.

Ferrari and Red Bull have already completed their 2021 performance

A gap very thin which the technical director of McLaren it was said: “I am very surprised. At a theoretical level, with the same chassis performance, the 2022 cars should be 2 seconds slower than the 2021 ones. The fact is that cars are approaching the performance of 2021, eg some teams have already achieved this. This shows the quality of teams that our game enjoys.” report’‘.

I am especially surprised by two teamshe continued James Key. Only they got that extra performance compared to all the others. At the beginning of the year jersey they were thin now instead they began to stretch. Ferrari and Red Bull they really did a great job of developing it. This shows that despite budget limitif you are a top team with great infrastructure, skills and experience behind you you can still manage to make a difference. It is indeed a very good reference for us“.

McLaren in the footsteps of the top two teams

Of course, this is not magic. Red Bull and Ferrari they arrived at the tests Bahrain and a car that was already very active, which allowed, as confirmed by the engineer of To workpromote the car more effectively with less effort than other competitors: “When you start the season with a competitive car you can focus your energy on the areas where you expect the biggest action and this is our goal for next season. Even for a reason we will not be able to maintain that high level of progress throughout the yearhe concluded.

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Photo: Red Bull Racing