Sunday Drive: The 2024 Mercedes S-Class Sedan is that and more |  News, Sports, Jobs

Sunday Drive: The 2024 Mercedes S-Class Sedan is that and more | News, Sports, Jobs


Deanne poses with a 2024 Mercedes S 580 4MATIC sedan. What a beautiful and relaxing trip it turned out to be. We can really get used to that kind of pampering.

Craig Conover, Daily Herald


2024 Mercedes S 580 4MATIC sedan in the sun as soon as it arrived. What a beautiful car, well designed.

Craig Conover, Daily Herald


2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Courtesy photo

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Inside the 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Courtesy photo


Inside the 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Courtesy photo


Inside the 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Courtesy photo

Luxury, performance and modern technology – these are the hallmarks of the 2024 Mercedes S 580 4MATIC sedan. Having one for a week in our garage proved to us that craftsmanship can be worth every penny that goes into it. We spent the week diving in and soaking in the luxury experience that defines the S-Class Mercedes.

External elegance

The 2024 S 580, of course, first caught our attention, as its exterior design combined timeless sophistication with modern sophistication. Sleek lines, a prominent grille and expressive LED lighting contribute to a commanding and pleasing aesthetic.

Our test car, finished in glossy selenite gray, added an extra layer of elegance that had many people doing double-takes wherever we went. Add that glitter ever Mercedes that sit front and center on the hood and folks knew we were in a Benz!

Local wealth

Stepping inside the S 580 reveals a sanctuary of luxury and comfort. The cabin is exquisitely designed with high-quality materials, from the hand-finished wood trim to the luxurious leather upholstery. All seats are heated and ventilated, providing a model of comfort in any weather condition. Add to that the massage feature in the front seats, and we found ourselves just wanting to stay in the car and drive.

Ambient lighting can be customized to suit any situation we find ourselves in, further enhancing the sense of richness inside. If that’s not enough, Mercedes comes with various programmed settings that would add music, light, heat or cool, and fragrance to the air. Again, why get out of the S 580?

The dashboard layout proved intuitive and user-friendly, with two high-resolution 12.3-inch screens providing access to the state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) infotainment system. The voice-activated assistant and gesture controls add a uniquely futuristic touch, ensuring seamless interaction with any of the car’s features we wanted to test or immerse ourselves with.

Performance capabilities

Under the hood, the S 580 4MATIC featured a 4.0-liter V-8 biturbo engine, which produced 496 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. Smooth acceleration and refined power delivery were complimented by a nine-speed automatic transmission, providing a driving experience that was high quality and comfortable.

The 4MATIC all-wheel drive system ensured excellent traction and stability, making the S 580 a confident performer in a variety of driving conditions, as we had the chance to go from rain to mild to sunny weather. Adaptive air suspension, a standard feature, glides over road imperfections, striking the perfect balance between comfort and agility.

Driving dynamics

Craig had the opportunity to take the S 580 on an extended day trip to the Standard-Examiner office in Ogden that allowed him to experience the sedan’s handling dynamics in a variety of driving challenges, from the twisty roads around Provo to the open highways leading to Ogden. . . Magic Body Control, a feature that analyzes the road ahead and adjusts the suspension accordingly, was instrumental in contributing to the incredibly smooth ride.

The steering was precise, and the car responded easily to its inputs. Semi-autonomous driving capabilities, including lane assist and cruise control, added an extra layer of safety and convenience during his trip to Ogden.

Make the most of the trip

Getting to spend less than four hours on the road during the trip from Provo to Ogden and back gave Craig the opportunity to explore the capabilities of the S 580 at length. The cabin’s unique displacement ensured a quiet environment, with little road and wind noise seeping in – to a lesser extent, we noted it was absent throughout the week.

Multi-contour seats, with a massage function, made the ride comfortable, preventing fatigue even after four hours of driving. Burmester’s surround sound system filled the hall with a beautiful and mysterious sound that created a festival-like atmosphere on the street.

Approaching the Ogden, an integrated “Warmth and Comfort” package helped keep Craig warm and comfortable with armrests and a center console. An intuitive navigation system easily guided the S 580 to its destination in the Ogden Business Depot business park, showcasing Mercedes’ advanced technology.

Security features

Mercedes puts a lot of emphasis on safety, including an array of advanced features in all their vehicles. From active brake assist to blind spot monitoring, the S 580 uses a comprehensive array of driver assistance technologies. During a week of test driving, the system gave us reassurance, reinforcing overall confidence in the car’s safety capabilities.

At the end of the day

The 2024 Mercedes S 580 sedan is the pinnacle of luxury car engineering. It perfectly combined advanced technology, performance and attractive design, creating an unparalleled driving experience.

Our week-long test, including an extended day trip, demonstrated the S 580’s capabilities, comfort and performance.

For those looking for the pinnacle of automotive luxury, the S 580 4MATIC stands out as an exemplary choice. From the exquisitely designed interior to the powerful and refined driving dynamics, it sets a new standard for what a luxury sedan can achieve.

In this case, money can buy a lot of fun!

Base price: $128,150

Price as driven: $159,300


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