Subaru XV gets new features!  – Speaker

Subaru XV gets new features! – Speaker

Subaru XV gets new design, comfort and safety features. The “Rear Anti-Collision Braking (RAB)” system, which was used for the first time in the Forester e-BOXER model, which allows preventing collisions when moving in reverse or reducing the severity of collisions in unavoidable situations, began to be offered as standard in Xclusive version of the Subaru XV.

In the versions of Subaru XV Xtreme and Xclusive, the dark color, which increases the emphasis on sports, has been used in coloring the rear lights. The LED headlights have been enhanced for a more distinct front view. Subaru XV Xtreme and Xclusive versions now have “Steering Wheel Controlled Gears” as standard.

The new Subaru XV is offered in the Turkish market with 2 different hardware options called Xtreme and Xclusive. Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and Lineartronic
In addition to the Anti-Virus Safety System, in both versions of the Subaru XV and the transmission; In addition to front, side and curtain airbags, a driver’s knee airbag, folding-back pedal system, X-Mode and Active Torque Vectoring are offered as standard. In terms of comfort and technology, the new 8-inch model with Apple Car Play feature
A host of accessories such as a touchscreen and a 6.3-inch comprehensive information display are included as standard. With the newly added Rear Anti-Collision Braking (RAB) system, the Subaru XV’s safety equipment has reached a new level.

The car is sold in our country with a price starting from 267,000 900 TL.