Strong interest in technologies that are changing CNC operations

Strong interest in technologies that are changing CNC operations

Mitsubishi Electric received full marks from MAKTEK Exhibition participants with its new M8V CNC control series that is shaping the future of the machine industry…

The major technology company Mitsubishi Electric attended the MAKTEK EURASIA Exhibition, which organizes the largest meeting of the machinery industry in Eurasia. Providing high value to the industry with its advanced automation technologies, Mitsubishi Electric won the appreciation of industry professionals with the M80V and M800V CNC control units included in the M8V series, which it introduced for the first time in Turkey. With this new series, which is among the most interesting technologies of the exhibition and its basic features in the method of smart production and the future of automation, the company received great interest from the participants and offered a six-day technology experience with the slogan “Join and CNC evolution (D)”.

Mitsubishi Electric, which offers solutions that will add value to its customers and industries in many areas around the world, especially in the metal processing industry, with its innovative CNC products, “Join the evolution of CNC (D)” participated in the MAKTEK Exhibition with its slogan.

The M8V series CNC control units, which are the first and only in its field with built-in Wi-Fi and offer high performance with its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, were the company’s top product at the show .

As a representative of new generation solutions in CNC processes, M8V increases customer productivity and helps implement smart manufacturing programs. He said that in addition to the M80V and M800V products in the series, high-quality industrial products such as PLC, Servo, Inverter, HMI and robots were also displayed at the exhibition. Mitsubishi Electric Türkiye Systems Mechatronics CNC Department Manager Hakan Aydınthey said they got full marks from the manufacturers within the scope of the six-day exhibition.

Smart, easy to use and safe

Saying that the new M8V series, developed to support digital transformation strategies, is among the most interesting technologies of the exhibition. Hakan Aydin;

“This series, which has a close brand with machine manufacturers, enables smart manufacturing applications while increasing efficiency. The first and only CNC solution that can be directly connected to WLAN networks, the M8V controller series plays an important role in advanced IIoT sensing for smart data-driven manufacturing. With this series, users can monitor CNC machine tools anywhere and anytime with connected devices such as tablets. The M8V enables reliable machine monitoring thanks to with its unique noise reduction and simple design. It also transforms into a controller that even non-G-code skilled workers can easily interact with. “The interactive panel interface supports 4-point multi-touch gestures, providing a user-friendly similar to using a smart phone.”

Quality improves, cycle time and tool errors are reduced

Stating that with technologies such as special CPU, innovative OMR-CC control technology and automatic cutting load control, processing times have been shortened, Hakan Aydın continued his words as follows:

“With this series, we can achieve high precision results. The M8V enables high quality production while reducing cycle times by 11 percent compared to previous models. It also reduces tool path errors by 15 percent. The large number of axles in machining centers and double-finishing capacity of 540 kg per minute codes also provide benefits for metalworking applications.”

Hassle-free service with an experienced and capable team

To say that Mitsubishi Electric provides solutions that will add value to producers in many fields, especially in the metal processing sector, with its high-tech products;

“While we develop our existing products based on customer feedback and needs, we continue our work on the next product group without interruption. With an integrated service approach, we conduct extensive and comprehensive research into after-sales services as well as before and during the sale. We will continue to provide easy service to our customers with our experienced and capable team.”