Stoli Vodka sponsors the Maserati MSG Racing team in Formula E

Stoli Vodka sponsors the Maserati MSG Racing team in Formula E

This Saturday, the 25th, the city of São Paulo will host Formula E for the first time, the world competition for electric cars created in 2014 by the FIA ​​- International Automobile Federation. Stoli Group acquires the sponsorship of Maserati MSG Racing and its international brand, Stoli Vodka. Since the first season of the E-Prix, the group has supported the initiative and was present with Elit vodka, confirming its involvement with new consumers and its commitment to sustainability.

“With STOLI’s sponsorship, all our brands benefit from exposure and consumer engagement. Also, the team changed its name from ROKiT Venturi Racing to Maserati MSG Racing. Stoli Group and Maserati MSG Racing are united in the pursuit of excellence and not just wanting to be the best, but striving for the unattainable,” comments Damian McKinney, Global CEO of the Stoli Group. The transition to the Maserati MSG Championship, in turn, highlights an exciting new era for Formula E.

“We are implementing a vision and a mission: to establish a stronger and more sustainable portfolio of high-end luxury spirits and wines by 2025. To achieve that goal, we remain enthusiastic about sponsoring the Maserati MSG Championship. We are proud to have a partner that confidently responds to the vision “Our approach to sustainability is creative and multifaceted. While a successful sustainability journey cannot be achieved alone, together we can create lasting change,” says McKinney.

Stoli’s funding allows for more flexibility to enable these partnerships around the world, as well as expanding opportunities from an organizational perspective. The three main pillars that support this partnership are: responsible consumption, sustainability and engagement with the LGBTIQ+ community, leading to strong protection by the Group.

“Stoli Vodka’s mission is to change the way people consume vodka, to place the brand firmly in the ‘Formula E’ ecosystem and to elevate a global audience. In the highly competitive world of drinks, the Season 9 partnership builds on passion and new storytelling to inspire consumers to take action and make the world a better place, in line with the brand’s motto Liberate Your Spirit. The partnership with Maserati MSG Racing provides a platform to create sustainable messages that are memorable, authentic and meaningful the ability to affect real change”, adds the CEO.

In 2022, throughout the season, new customers won in the main market. In Mexico, in the month following the event, sales of elitTM Vodka increased by 90% compared to the same period last year; in Jakarta, five new accounts were found; in Monaco, 47 new stores in a large business and, in the UK, six customers increased the number of orders for elitTM vodka, as well as changing the portfolio. In addition, the brand reached 4.2 million generated by influencers – during the race weekend – and 53 million from media.

According to James Rossiter, Team Principle, from Maserati MSG Racing, the partnership with the Stoli Group is a great source of pride. “It’s no secret that our partners are an important part of our team – we couldn’t run without them. But what sets us apart and makes our team and members so special is that we focus on purposeful collaboration. Together in Season 8, we made a tangible impact by standing together. We showed that it is possible to use our platform for good. Working with such dedicated people and enthusiastic partners is a privilege and a pleasure. We look forward to many successful seasons together.”

In Brazil, Stoli Vodka is exclusively represented by Aurora Fine Brands.

brand exposure

Stoli® Vodka has taken center stage in Maserati MSG Racing’s new visual identity, with the brand appearing on the front of the air duct, chassis, mirrors, rear wing and nose in the team’s new display. The brand is also on the racing uniforms of drivers Edoardo Mortara and Maximilian Günther, as well as on the Maserati MSG Racing team and garage apparel.

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