Stellantis to Launch Electric Trucks and Muscle Cars in the US

Stellantis to Launch Electric Trucks and Muscle Cars in the US

Starthe parent company of Jeepis reportedly taking a unique approach to the electric vehicle (EV) market in the United States.

executive director Carlos Tavares told reporters on Tuesday (February 20) that small cars are not the way to win over American consumers, who tend to like trucks, Bloomberg information tuesday

Instead, Stellantis will offer a variety of battery-powered options, including pickups, SUVs and muscle cars, according to reports.

This strategy contrasts with competitors like Ford, which is focusing on small electric vehicles, the report said.

Stellantis will test this approach with the launch of its first fully battery-electric versions for US consumers this year, including the Jeep Recon, Jeep Wagoneer S and an electric muscle car under the Dodge brand, according to reports. The company is also refreshing its Ram pickup lineup with electric options.

Tavares is pointing to a segmented strategy, with offerings like the all-electric Ram Revolution for coastal consumers and the Ramcharger, a battery-powered truck with an on-board gas generator, for Central American consumers, according to the report.

Stellantis recently acquired a stake in a Chinese electric car maker Leap motoraiming to use the company’s EV technology to build competitive vehicles outside of China, the report said.

With EV sales growth slowing and supply disruptions easing, automakers face a tough environment, according to the report.

Consumers are increasingly ambivalent about electric cars because of various concerns about the time it takes to charge these vehicles, Karen Webster of PYMNTS wrote in January.

“At the same time, OEMs should shift their focus from getting people to buy EVs to getting people to buy their cars, making them smarter, safer and more fun to drive,” Webster wrote. “And then their EV models, once the basic problem of battery life can be solved.”

Electric car Developers have faced several setbacks in recent weeks. For example, Volvo announced that it would not provide further funding to its subsidiary, the electric car brand Polestar; Renault announced the cancellation of the initial public offering (IPO) for its Ampere electric car division; and Ford cut production of its battery-electric pickup truck, the F-150 Electric.