Stellantis plans to nationalize the Jeep Avenger and produce it in Betim;  to know more

Stellantis plans to nationalize the Jeep Avenger and produce it in Betim; to know more

Stellantis is preparing for the nationalization of Jeep Avenger, a car presented in Europe in September 2022. The car group will already be in contact with suppliers to start the production of project 516, the local name given to Avenger, as expected by the Autos portal. secret

Sharing a production line with the successor to the Fiat Argo, both vehicles will be manufactured at the Fiat factory in Betim, in the capital region of Belo Horizonte. They will be built on the Peugeot/Citroën CMP platform, which is already used in models such as the Peugeot 208, e-2008, Citroën C3 and C3 Aircross.

release forecast

The expectation is that the new Jeep Avenger will be launched between 2025 and 2026, shortly after the launch of the new generation Fiat Argo. The Avenger is likely to receive a new visual version to mark the middle of its life cycle, following the strategy adopted by Peugeot with the 2008 SUV.

Revenge size and structure

Positioned below the Renegade in Europe, the Jeep Avenger has the following dimensions: length 4.08 m, width 1.78 m, height 1.58 m and wheelbase 2.56 m. In comparison, the Renegade measures 4.26 m in length, 1.80 m in width, 1.70 m in height and 2.57 m in wheelbase.

Although the Avenger takes inspiration from the Rebel, it features more rounded lines than its big brother. The front grille and horizontal lights show influences from the Compass and other branded SUVs.

On the side, the doors are finished in black plastic, and the wells of the wheel are well known, with plastic molding. Plastic is also used around the windows, and the rear door handles are around the C-pillar, similar to the Honda HR-V.

The rear of the Avenger has the same design as the Soldier, but it differs in terms of the roof, which is more fluid compared to the more square shape of the Soldier.

The taillights also refer to the larger Jeep SUV. The trunk lid is set at a low height, which can make loading heavy loads easier.

Interior and technological aspects

On the inside, the Jeep Avenger has a horizontal window with an option to finish in the car’s exterior color. In addition, it has customizable lighting. The instrument panel is digital, with seven inches, while the multimedia center is 10.2 inches and is touch sensitive.

engine options

Thanks to the CMP platform, the Jeep Avenger can be offered in combustion, hybrid or even fully electric versions. In Brazil, the trend is that the Jeep Avenger will have a 1.0 turboflex T200 engine, associated with a CVT exchange, a set already known in the Fiat Pulse.

In addition, there will be a standard hybrid version, which will combine the aforementioned engine with an electric motor. In Europe, the model also has a fully electric version, with 54 kWh batteries, which provide a range of up to 400 km in the WLTP cycle.

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