Stellantis did the worst in a survey of seller satisfaction in France.  Dacia and Renault with high standards |

Stellantis did the worst in a survey of seller satisfaction in France. Dacia and Renault with high standards |

Stellantis received some of the lowest ratings from dealers in France. The results of the study show serious problems in the sales network: selling cars to dealers instead of customers, chaos and confusion, mixed competence and lack of responsibility for business decisions. In this respect, France is similar to Poland.

The dispute between the traders and Stellantis continues. This is confirmed by the annual study conducted by Mobilians: Manufacturers’ Love Rating. Studies conducted over the past 27 years give Stellantis very negative results. All brands of the group managed by Carlos Tavares were ranked below average.

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In general rank Peugeot scored 4.5, Citroën 4.4, Fiat 4.1, Opel 4.0, Jeep 3.2 by the way Alfa Romeo 2.1 out of a possible 10 points. In comparison, Renault got it Section 6.8while Dacia 6.7 points.

Profitability indicators were very poor: Peugeot got 4.2, Citroën 2.5, Opel 2.1, while Alfa Romeo 1.0 (!) – the lowest result.

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Traders indicated that one of the main problems associated with Stellantis is confusion in the management of sales or being forced to make false registrations. Before the car reaches the customer must be registered with the dealer and then sold at a greater discount (often individually agreed with the brand manager) which leads to significant delays in solutions and power conflicts, eg by questioning this reduction with senior managers who want to reduce income. Stellantis does this to meet sales targets for a given quarterbut this weighs heavily on the profits of businesses paying interest on the loans that financed the purchase – for financial institutions anxiety. 28% of Peugeot registrations in France are done this way, French media reports – much more in Poland.

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Based on the results of the study like 86% of traders do not believe in the future of Alfa Romeo in France, 71% he does not believe in the future of Peugeot 69% in the future of the Citroën brand. This is bad data. It’s all because of the decision Carlos Tavares, which, as you can see, even leads to pathology in the sales system. Businesses in France are open about rigging the results and leading them to the wrongful disposal of their assets and are considering notifying law enforcement authorities.

There is a similar situation in Poland and the Stellantis group seller satisfaction surveys have been so low for so long that they have not been published.

source: Auto Moto France

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