SPY PHOTOS: 2024 Porsche 911 Targa gets frozen sun

SPY PHOTOS: 2024 Porsche 911 Targa gets frozen sun

The first appearance of the upgraded sports car with a glass top reaffirms what we saw from last year’s GTS

The elevated series of 992.2 Porsche 911 range has been in the works for a while now, as evidenced by a number of leaked spy shots we’ve published recently, but very few of them show the rear-engined sports car in production trim.

We have already seen the updated 911 GTS kicking off camo-free and now it’s the Targa’s turn after being spotted by our spy photographers roaming the Arctic Circle wearing its special ‘Targa’ B-pillar livery.

As confirmed by the updated Porsche 911 GTS coupe in October, the new 911 will impress with a new front end design with vertical slats on its intakes, which appear to be active and open / closed according to the engine’s cooling needs and. brake.

porsche 911 targa facelift spy 007

A feature like this will also help reduce drag during travel and improve fuel economy, as already seen on some 992-series 911s.

The new front end is complemented by a revised rear apron reminiscent of the one currently fitted to the already-tracked GT3, much of which can be explained by ongoing rumors that the main 911 variants – Carrera through GTS – will return to original expectations with downsized/downsized versions of the GT3’s glorious 4.0 liter flat-six engine.

This in turn would set the tone for some kind of power upgrade for the GT3 and its incredible GT3 RS siblingand stop centralt Turbos primed and ready for electric turbo technology.

There are also rumors that the truly furious GT2 RS will return, this time with a Le Mans car. 530kW powerless hybrid powertrain.

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Odds are 992.2’s flagship series will begin later this year ahead of the 2025 Australian launch, when new manic GT and Turbos will probably be released later to allow breathing room between the two halves of the 911 portfolio.

Based on what we’ve seen from the Macan, Taycan, Cayenne and Panamera in recent months, you can bet the 911’s upgraded interior will be refreshed, as will its cabin technology.

All of these improvements will no doubt raise the model’s asking price once again, but that’s probably of little concern to those in a position to drop between $277,800 and $559,400 on a new sports car.

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