Sports Themed Installation Art by Bruce Larsen

Sports Themed Installation Art by Bruce Larsen – “Sport represents some of the best in humanity and I’m trying to immortalize it,” said sculptor Bruce Larsen, quoted from. sports art.

The statement at the same time is a manifestation of Larsen’s passion for the world of sports.

Some of Larsen’s sports-themed sculptures include: Nastia Gymnast And Borzov the athlete.

Both are shown on Museum of American Sports Art and Archives (ASAMA), the world’s largest collector of sports art.

Modern Archaeologist and Monster Costume Designer in College

ASAMA currently collects more than a thousand works of art from all media: paintings, sculptures, drawings, posters, photographs and various collections.

The curator of the collection refers to Larsen’s work as “Repo-Renaissance“, the definition according to them is:

Combining the technical skills of a classical artist highly developed in depicting the grace and strength of the natural body with modern social attitudes and ecological awareness..”

Inspired by the movie StrangersLarsen began making his own animal costumes in college.

After graduating from Auburn University, he worked as an animator and producer for TV commercials in Atlanta.

Today he is known, among other things, for his work in the film industry. He has created a number of film props, such as the knife in the film anger or a mirror in the cinema Oculus.

His works are owned by people such as Bill Clinton, Sting, Robert Plant, Philippe Cousteau, to the Crown Prince of Bahrain.

Larsen also created an animatronic horse for the movie Patriots and Black Heroes.

He cut bodies for battlefield scenes set in the Civil War in Lincoln and has worked on many other commercials, films, and TV shows.

“My first ambition before becoming an artist was to be an archaeologist. I like to find ancient relics and show them in new ways,” says Larsen.

Preserving ancient relics to show them in a new, eco-friendly light is one of the main goals of Larsen’s art made from recycled materials.

Perhaps reusing discarded relics from the 20th and 21st centuries, artists often dig through landfills.

Larsen’s unique style is also reflected in his forest studio tucked into the garage below his home in Fish River, where he creates most of his art.

Shelves with various items and tools are installed from floor to ceiling.

White plastic buckets full of handles, driftwood, adapters, tangled spindles, bent metal fences, bald doll heads, or nuts still on the branches and so on.

Taking a break from college, Larsen opened a shop air brush on the beach in New Jersey where he paints amazing pictures on motorcycles, boats and T-shirts.

His early work caught the attention of East Coast surf pioneer Dan Heritage, who hired Larsen to paint his surfboards.

The combination of sport and art proved profitable in its time and strengthened its professional reputation, as Heritage surfboards became popular among the surfing community.

Passionate athlete and serious Artist

Larsen eventually returned to Auburn University and completed his bachelor’s degree in illustration in 1987.

After graduation, he lived in Atlanta for several years and worked as an animator and commercial sculptor for advertisements.

However, Alabama and the fine arts drew him back. Together with his wife and children he built a house near the town of Fairhope.

While in high school, Larsen trained under legendary swimming coach Eddie Reese, who was also the former coach of Olympic star Michael Phelps.

An avid athlete, he naturally combined art and sports in his creations.

Larsen uses his superior physical skills to develop incredible elegance in his massive steel constructions.

“When I was very young, sports gave me the ability to focus. I learned to work hard from swimming lessons,” says Larsen.

“When I was 18 years old, I swam 12 miles a day. It taught me to work hard and overcome pain and discomfort.”

“Now I just beat the competition. One of the secrets of my success is that I have always worked harder than most people,” says Larsen.

An interesting testimony of Larsen’s relationship with swimming is the sculpture Swimmers (swimmer) placed in the ASAMA garden.

Besides that Nastia Gymnast And Borzov Runnerthe museum displays a statue of Tour de France cyclist Larsen.

Also idols of weightlifters, swimmer Mark Spitz, basketball player Michael Jordan, to baseball player Bo Jackson.

“I can wait 13 billion years to live this life and I will make the most of it,” Larsen said in one of his interviews.

“I’m always questioning the truth, but while I’m here I’m going to go through it and enjoy it as much as I can.”

“Making film art or art from trash, I’m lucky to be able to do what I want and help my family do it,” says Larsen.