Sports cars: The most amazing Dodge Viper in the world is for sale

Sports cars: The most amazing Dodge Viper in the world is for sale

El Dodge Viper It is a sports car that is widely recognized by car fans. His attractive aesthetic It is more than conforming to, let’s say, a specific behavior. He muscle car The United States is one of the wildest cars ever madehence its mythical aura.

He A snake it was on the market for almost 25 years, and stamps Dodge y Chrysler (and this last brand reached Europe) in the giant General Motors. At that time it became an icon of American sports cars, maybe a step down but as recognized as Ford Mustang o GT or Chevrolet Corvette.

Up to 10 occupants can be accommodated in its very spacious interior.Gateway Classic Cars

A modified version of the Viper

During that time there have been different variants (always with a big displacement V10 engine – about eight liters)… but nothing as extraordinary as this one. Dodge Viper convertible limousine from 1996 which appeared to have just been sold Gateway Classic Cars.

A ‘beast’ that takes the two-seater sports revolution to the next level 10 residents (with two drivers), and the amazing configuration of the Viper (but usually in a limousine), and two side benches and two extra seats in the back. Animal activists will not like the presentation of the interior because it is upholstered leather in all its (wide) expansion.

Its identity as a limousine makes it more civilized in terms of mechanics. Because under the hood there is no V10, but a V8 of Mopar origin and 425 horses more controllable by the driver. However, the worst thing will not be managing his strength but his size and weight (about 1,800 kg).

This Viper has gone from a two seater to a limousine...

This Viper has gone from two seats to a limousine… seven meters long!!Gateway Classic Cars

Expensive as … for a long time

One of the best parts is that it is not worn much, as its counter adds up just over 10,000 km. Perhaps that justifies its price, which is not less than 169,000 dollars (155,000 euros)… more than what the Viper Revolution is valued at.

More than that, This is not the first time it has changed hands.. In recent years it has appeared on different sales sites … and it seems normal because although it is unique and even funny, one must tire quickly such a wonderful creature…