Special Offer for Over 18 Years and 5000 TL

Special Offer for Over 18 Years and 5000 TL

Halkbank launched a Special Campaign for Small Amount Loan Needs. Halkbank continues to offer various credit campaigns to meet the financial needs of its customers and provide them with convenience. Now, Halkbank is attracting attention with its small loan campaign. In the scope of this campaign, a loan opportunity of up to TL 5000 is offered. Here are the details:

Halkbank Mini Loan Campaign

Halkbank offers a special campaign for small loan needs. In the scope of this campaign, you can use a loan of up to 5000 TL. You can meet your low rate loan needs quickly and easily.

Special Offer for Customers Over 18 Years

The Halkbank mini loan campaign is for customers over the age of 18. You must be at least 18 years old to apply for the offer. In this way, financial support is also provided to young customers.

Loan Applications and Details

You must apply to benefit from the Halkbank mini loan campaign. You can apply at Halkbank branches or use the Halkbank website and mobile app for application procedures. You can apply for a loan by filling in the required documents.

The application evaluation process will be done according to the bank’s policies. If your application is approved, the specified loan amount will be transferred to your account and your payment will be determined according to your repayment plan. You can complete your loan by making regular payments. You can meet your small loan needs easily with Halkbank’s small loan campaign. You can apply to Halkbank to take advantage of this special offer for customers over 18 years old.