So how many “horses” are possible?

So how many “horses” are possible?

Last week some speed records were broken by a nearly 2,000 horsepower car. The issue of power is not debatable. How much, after all, is enough?

There’s a general motto I use when it comes to high-powered cars: horsepower is something you get used to – until you start to fear it. Why, how much is enough? Three hundred; Four hundred; Five hundred; How many “horses” do you need to say “enough for me?” Now, as confirmed Rimaca Croatian company from nowhere, founded only in 2009, electric motors push power and performance to unimaginable levels.

But even years ago you bowed the knowledge of builders and the skill of builders to build “criminals” capable of handling the horse power of a freighter. Now you hear about 1,000 PS, 1,500 PS, and you get used to it. Like listening, even.

The holy grail is none other than the Nissan GT-R, a car that gained power by combining it with one of the most advanced mechanical and electronic foundations we’ve ever seen (Megarun).

My point, however, is missing. Not of course in a direct line of dragsters. With all this, basically, it is not dealt with the condition of the road. It is very hypocritical to talk about hundreds, almost two thousand horse power, and most of them are moving on roads with low speed limits and, rarely, on tracks. Not to mention the now unpredictable movements of bicycles and skates on the side of the road – sometimes in the middle – where you encounter them as mobile obstacles and we are all at risk. Now, for whatever reason, the speed at which we travel must slow down. Carefully, it is not necessary to fear the radar.

It is only on other types of tracks, the desert, the outer cities, literally in the middle of the place, where you can, again under certain conditions, explore the power of a decent horse. Everything is relative, but in general I think 300 horses is a good number to start with. Don’t explain, I’ll bore you. I think 300 PS is enough horsepower to get things interesting. It’s not like speed or speed gained. But as a retreat.

The Lotus Exige Cup 430 is proof that you don’t need unlimited horsepower to have an exciting and almost terrifying driving experience (Hilton & Moss)

Of course, there will always be the nagging question of “how much does he make?”. However, at the same time, we often forget the most important thing: “how much it sucks”. As is known, the ratio of kilograms per horse is the most decisive number. A size that we rarely know from the outside, even with our personal car.

How the power is pronounced also makes a difference. Otherwise you feel the violence of the turbo (maybe even two), in relation to even the strangeness of the atmosphere. I still have new memories of the Evo Extreme, with 500 “horses” under the hood. I had driven it a few days after experiencing the then new Ferrari F430. Well, the Ferrari seemed slow to me in front of him. On the other hand, as mentioned, horsepower is a standard number. You run it, once, twice, five, ten, a hundred times. Well, somewhere in the brain neurons adapt to the stimulus.

Tuning is based on this exact principle. The other takes a larger car, which usually should have been “tied” with him as a driver, and after a while the carving begins. Until this is also “over” for him. It was like the case of the 911 Turbo that I was lucky enough to drive. It produced about 1,200 “horses”. The roar of the two machines, by the hand of the German development house 9ff, still rings in my ears. The beast, the most powerful I have ever driven, had the performance of a Bugatti Veyron. Sorry, I mean how much more could you want? How to open it? Even in a song? Where; On the old, big straight of Le Mans, which also broke the chicanes for safety reasons?

However, as a friend who owns a 700hp Nissan GT-R tells me, “I’m sick of it, I want more power.” That phrase, cursed “I’m sick,” is the source of improvement. Or replace it with something more powerful. So how powerful is the powerful? I could “pack” and add or subtract 500 to 600 horses to a four-wheel drive. They are more than enough for me. Or around 400 in a rear wheel drive. They also come in excess. It is enough, as we said, that they do not drag the “boat”. Have a good kg/hp ratio. But, on the other hand, there are many doubts and involvement in Lotus. And I’m not talking about one Exige Cup 430, a truly brave car. Even better, I drive on the rough roads of Greece. And I want to live longer.