smart #3: This is the first SUC for smart

smart #3: This is the first SUC for smart

In Shanghai auto show started for the first time smart #3the first “Sports Utility Coupe». On European soil we will see it at the Munich show in September, with the launch of the model planned for early 2024.

It shares the same aesthetic philosophy as the smart #1, with the difference here focusing on new lines, with high-end and sporty references given by the Mercedes-Benz design team to the smart #3. It breaks away from the square design, with the slope of the roof at the end to create a new design, more coupé and at the same time sporty.

Up front, the usual references are more numerous, and the trapezoid-shaped intake looks like that, as it is smaller at the top, in front of the hood. The bodies of light are circular and join, with a thin line of light, the same thing that happens also behind. The body, in terms of color, is available in bright orange and matte light blue.

The interior is dominated by a large 12.8-inch screen placed in the center of the dashboard, and round air vents complete the picture. At this point, smart has not revealed the technical details of the model, but we should expect two versions, one with an electric motor placed at the back and another with two electric motors that will focus on performance and provide more than 400 hp.

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