Small debate with Schertso-Tsapanidou-Manzo: “Silver Alert”, ND of 180 and the opposition PASOK

Small debate with Schertso-Tsapanidou-Manzo: “Silver Alert”, ND of 180 and the opposition PASOK

Popi Tsapanidou wanted to give an answer to the accusations made against him by political analysts and part of the media about “disappearing the day after the elections”, speaking in the morning on the program “Morning Greece” of ANT1, in a panel where he faced former minister Akis Schertsos and PASOK representative Akis Manzo: “I felt a little strange in Silver Alert! It was a hard blow, a painful result, which shocked us, it surprised us, we did not expect it, it hurt us”, he previously answered the question why he did not speak in the past days, when a question like would submit his resignation to the authority of the president of SYRIZA said: “I did not submit the resignation of the president … Immediately after the results, I submitted myself to the party and the president. “.

Schertsos: “The goal is a sufficiently independent government”

On his part, Akis Skertsos denied the claim that ND has already guaranteed independence in the second election on June 25, while insisting that the party’s goal is not to collect 180 seats, but a government capable of independence. reliability”. And previously he noted: “Elections are held so that the country has a strong government. They are not held to solve its internal problems with a center-left apartment building. The next vote will decide who will rule the country calmly, the country needs strong authority from the people to solve the problems that happened in the past and we didn’t have time to solve them either… Let the opposition also see. Let’s stop threatening the people with acceptable policies in society… The opposition erases everything, blackens everything and presents an image of a country that is about to be destroyed”.

Manzos: “Everyone is appointed”

“Everyone got power, there is no possibility of cooperating with ND. There is a need for a real opposition that continues, as seen in the opinion polls,” answered PASOK’s media representative Dimitris Manzos.

“The goal of PASOK is to find a strong and real opposition,” he repeated when asked if the party’s goal is to “destabilize” SYRIZA.

“ND was happy with SYRIZA for many years, the bad news is that now the country will have a strong opposition,” he concluded by shooting at the two major parties.