Slutgiltig guide to one of the most popular compact hatchbacks

Slutgiltig guide to one of the most popular compact hatchbacks

Ford Fiesta SE is one of the most popular hatchbacks on the used market in Brazil and it’s not free.

In this guide, we will explore every detail of this wonderful little thing and show why he won the hearts of drivers. Let’s cover its mechanical features, specifications, serial items and more details.

Before leaving the guide, however, it is important to clarify that the model analyzed here is Fiesta SE 1.6 2019, the latest version of the hatch offered here in Brazil.

Fiesta SE mechanics

See the definitive guide to the 2019 Fiesta SE. Photo: Disclosure/Ford

The Fiesta SE features a front-mounted Sigma 1.6 inline 4-cylinder engine.

And maximum power of 128 hp with alcohol and 125 hp with gasoline at 6500 rpm, the engine provides good performance in the most varied conditions. At the same time, the maximum torque is 16 kgfm with alcohol and 15.8 kgfm with gasoline at 5000 rpm, ensuring quick recovery.

In addition, the 5-speed manual transmission has precise linkages and provides pleasant driving. Front-wheel drive provides cornering stability and electric steering makes maneuvering in tight spaces easier.

Fiesta SE Usage and Range

Ford Fiesta SE has utility in the city 8.2 km / l with alcohol and 11.6 km / l with gasoline. At the same time, on the road presents a number of 9.8 km / l with alcohol and 14.2 km / l with gasoline.

With that, freedom in the city it is 418 km with alcohol and 592 km with gasoline, and on the highway it reaches 500 km with alcohol and 724 km with gasoline.

Overall, these numbers make the Fiesta SE a good choice for those looking for one economics and practice day by day.

Suspension and Brakes

The suspension of the Ford Fiesta SE is made up of McPherson struts in the front and a torsion beam and a helical spring in the rear.

This arrangement ensures a a good balance between comfort and corner stability. Brakes, on the other hand, are ventilated discs in front and drums in the back, providing effective and safe braking.

Dimensions and Interior Space

Ford Fiesta SE with a length of 3.97 m and a wheelbase of 2.49 mm. compact and easy to park, but does not compromise on interior space.

Yes, residents have enough legroom and headroom, even in the back seat. O trunk, with a capacity of 281 litersmeets the daily needs of cargo transportation.

Safety, comfort and technology

The Ford Fiesta SE is loaded safety and comfort itemssuch as ABS brakes, front airbags, standard and audible anti-theft alarm and ISOFIX child seat fastening.

In addition, the SE version also has air conditioning, height adjustment on the driver’s seat, electric control of the front windows and electric adjustment of the mirrors, among other things that make the experience on board more pleasant and comfortable.

In terms of infotainment (information + entertainment), The Ford Fiesta SE does not disappoint. It comes equipped with a radio, USB connection, CD player and Bluetooth connection, allowing you to listen to your favorite music and answer calls easily.

A trip computer and coolant temperature gauge are also present, providing useful information while driving.

After all, is it worth buying a Ford Fiesta SE in 2023?

Ford Fiesta SE is a small hatchback that offers Good fuel economy, ample interior space, and a generous list of items of safety and comfort.

However, It also gives some things to consider., such as the rear drum brake. Hence, the decision to buy a Fiesta SE in 2023 it will depend on your needs and expectations as a driver.

If you are looking for an economical compact car, with good interior space and comfort items, the Fiesta SE could be an attractive choice. But if you prefer more powerful engines or automatic transmissions, you may need to look at other models available in the market.

We hope this specific guide on the Ford Fiesta SE has been useful and informative. Now it’s up to you: analyze the pros and cons, and see if this small hatch meets your needs and expectations.

2019 Fiesta SE technical sheet

A year 2019
Price around BRL 57,674
IPVA around BRL 2,307 (depending on SP condition)
Settings compact hatch
Oil Flex (alcohol and gasoline)
locations 5
doors 4
generation 6
Driving cars Sigma 1.6 front engine, transverse arrangement, 4 cylinders in line, mechanical pipes, displacement of 399 cm³ unit, 4 valves per cylinder, weight/power of 8.38 kg/hp, weight/torque of 67.1 kg/kgfm , with a high rotation of 6720 rpm, natural aspiration and multipoint injection
Maximum power 128 hp with alcohol and 125 hp with gasoline at 6500 rpm
Maximum torque 16 kgfm with alcohol and 15.8 kgfm with petrol at 5000 rpm
Maximum speed 190 km / h
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 12.1 seconds
urban use 8.2 km / l with alcohol and 11.6 km / l with gasoline
road use 9.8 km / l with alcohol and 14.2 km / l with gasoline
Independence 418km with alcohol and 592km with petrol in the city and 500km with alcohol and 724km with petrol on the road.
Exchange IB5, 5 speed manual, and single dry disc clutch
Tension ahead
Direction electricity, and a turning radius of 10.1 meters
stopped in front Independent, McPherson, Coil Spring
rear suspension Torque Shaft, with Helical Spring
front brake ventilation disc
rear brake Dance
front tires 195/55 R15, with a sidewall height of 107mm
rear tires 195/55 R15, with a sidewall height of 107mm
Height 3969 mm
Length between axis 2489 mm
The trunk 281 liters
Weight 1073 kg
Width 1722 mm
Height 1464 mm
Oil tank 51 liters
Critical load 482 kg

Safety, comfort and infotainment

serial objects ABS brakes, anti-theft alarm, three-point seat belts for all occupants, dual-reflector headlights, rear window wiper and washer, central door locking, ISOFIX child seat attachment, telephone emergency assistance, front airbags, anti-theft alarm, head restraints for all occupants, fog lights, turn signal repeaters, rear window defroster, rear parking sensors
serial objects Air conditioning (1 zone), heated air, height adjustable driver’s seat, depth adjustment of the steering wheel, electric front windows, split rear seat, remote trunk opening, internal fuel filter control, power steering wheel, steering wheel height adjustment, height adjustable seat. seat belts, power mirrors, folding rear seat, trunk light, roof grab handles
serial objects Radio, USB connection, On-board computer, Coolant thermometer, CD player, Bluetooth connection, Tachometer

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