Skoda’s new Elroq electric SUV will debut in 2024, and the rumored dealership model will do so as well.  This is what the ‘new’ traders will be like

Skoda’s new Elroq electric SUV will debut in 2024, and the rumored dealership model will do so as well. This is what the ‘new’ traders will be like

The successful Czech brand Volkswagen has taken an important step forward, another one that marks a new chapter in its history. The manufacturer has restarted its shows around the world, including Europe. A more two-legged strategy: the new Skoda Elroq and conversion to agency.

Skoda is in the middle of a big change. The Czech brand has changed its corporate identity, opting for a more modern style that is reflected in the manufacturer’s name, a strategy that is also very relevant. making the leap from traders to the agency model. The company has already started with this revolution that will affect its entire network of dealers worldwide, launching new devices in countries that It has never been there but it has been through importers.

This is important in its consolidation strategy, entering for the first time in its history in expanding markets such as Vietnam, where Skoda has already become a brand with permanent exhibitions for customers for two months. The Middle East is also one of the goals, and it has been in Kuwait where it has built what is today, one of the largest manufacturer businesses among 4,000 official points of sale worldwide.

The new Skoda dealership will be more digital in 2024, they will coexist with conventional displays.

The new Skoda Elroq will bring more new features than “simple” electrics.

Those from Mladá Boleslav have already started this ambitious restructuring in continental Europe, opening new centers in Belgrade, as well as completely renovating those in Estonia, Belgium, Norway, Poland and the Czech Republic. Tallinn is the first with a new corporate identity in continental Europelarge rooms where frequency models are used together with digitization at the highest level to provide a completely different experience for customers.

Touch screens are not only found in cars, but also in introducing new ones that customers want and that they can do on their own without the need for ads. The methods of the model agency that will be installed from next spring taking advantage of the European premiere of new Skoda Elroq. The third model in the range of Czech electric cars will attack the small segment, which is the Karoq alternative that aims to do more damage to the Volkswagen ID.3, bringing together two unique events for the manufacturer.

4,000 Skoda dealers will be agents in 2024

Skoda will take calculated risks –new cars will be manufactured on demand, avoiding excess production and consequent loss of profit – and the cost of restoring new vehicles, while staff and facility costs will be borne by agents. Of course, the proxy model also has its opponents, as with all products, but Skoda will pay 6.5 percent for each unit sold to agents“the same performance as last years, if we discount the last two years,” according to Jan-Hendrik Huelsmann, head of Skoda in Germany.