Skoda moves wiring harness production from Ukraine to the Czech Republic

Skoda moves wiring harness production from Ukraine to the Czech Republic

There war in Ukraine has caused some problems in supply chains of equipment for various car companies. Skoda found a solution to get the wiring equipment. The Bohemian Company actually has a section moved the production of wire harnesses from Ukraine to the Czech Republic, primarily in-house, in close coordination with vendors. Not only that: the company also acquires additional production volumes in Morocco and other countries.

The purpose of these measures, obviously, is avoid possible obstacles in distribution or even complete suspension of car production.

“At Skoda, we have been working closely with our partners in recent weeks to minimize the impact of the war in Ukraine on the supply of wire cables”He says Karsten Schnakepurchasing council member at Skoda, “With great efforts we managed to resume production in Ukraine in a short time and also to significantly increase the production capacity”.

Mainly because of war-related restrictions, Skoda had to stop electric production. Enyaq iV for eight weeks, starting March 3, due to a wiring shortage. To restore the situation, Skoda and partner Pekm Kabeltechnik were able to move part of the production from Ukraine to Mlada Boleslav, within five weeks of the start of the war. Pekm was responsible for installing production facilities in sheds provided by Skoda: in this way production slowly returned.

These “emergency” production facilities are managed by 35 women from the Ukrainian factory in Lviv, and now they are also training new employees. These warehouses are now making the parts for the Skoda Fabia Combi and in the coming weeks the connections for the Octavia, Karoq, Kodiaq and Superb will start.

As already mentioned, in order not to find itself unprepared again in the face of possible new obstacles, Skoda has also acquired additional production capacity and Kromberg & Schubert, at the Moroccan factory in Kenitra, a few kilometers from Rabat. Kromberg & Schubert has also increased production rates for wire harnesses at its Zhytomyr plant in Ukraine.

Skoda wiring harness production in Morocco (Photo: Skoda)

In the coming weeks there will be a further increase in the production of wiring, which is especially valuable for new electric models. From the end of June, production will start in Romania. Starting in September, production at the Khmelnyskyj plant in Ukraine will double (barring adverse events in the ongoing war). Finally, the Octavia and Superb variants will also be produced in Tangier, Morocco.

Last modified: 8 June 2022

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